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  1. Which? recently reported on these schemes. The verdict seemed to be that the 'rent a roof' types were generally bad value for the home owner and that you'd be far better off buying the panels yourself in the long term. I think it's worth shopping around for deals like this as some of them are considerably better value than others.
  2. Which link were you using? I tried both that I could see on the main page and they appear to work fine. Is there one I missed?
  3. Tried the crafts place in the Toll Clock, near the Skippidock café?
  4. Skeld is pretty remote... But you could try Vatsetter in Yell. There's a good spot there that we stayed last year. The land owner is very friendly and encourages visitors to use the site; even provided us with some wood for a campfire.
  5. Got that myself today. Didn't think much of it, but it's maybe more serious than I first thought. I guess someone is banging the server with a hammer and swearing a bit...
  6. Good, positive thread. And a great picture to boot!
  7. Welcome to Shetlink. The following thread might provide some of the answers you seek: http://www.shetlink.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=51 Feel free to ask further questions in that thread. I'll lock this one to make sure everything stays in the proper place.
  8. Hacking The Sun is a crime in England...
  9. ^ Fair point. I guess it doesn't help that the search feature is broken either. I've sent a PM now; I don't know if the other mods that conducted previous merges sent anything, but we'll see what happens now.
  10. Probably why our connections have been so bad in the first place. All those DoS attacks soaking up our bandwidth... (>_ I get the impression that Topiary was not a major player. Looks like he was a PR guy, running the Twitter feed, etc.
  11. Fjool

    tall ships

    Not a crime, no, but against Shetlink policy. The filter is in place for a reason; we'd appreciate you not deliberately working around it.
  12. An anti-crime. Terry Pratchett wrote of 'breaking and decorating'. Not sure how I'd feel about it, to be honest. Would probably rather they didn't, but I'm not sure I'd report it unless it became a nuisance, or there was evidence of snooping, etc.
  13. And on that note...
  14. ^ There have been such threads in the past, but Shetlink has a policy of not permitting threads about local deaths. This is for a number of reasons including privacy and respect towards family members. In the case of Winehouse, however, the news is 'public' (so to speak) and the situation is somewhat different. However, I'm not sure this thread is so different. And given some of the more vitriolic comments so far, perhaps a lock is in order? Tinks?
  15. Fjool

    tall ships

    Fantastic opening ceremony. Really did Shetland proud. What a buzz there was in town today. Utter chaos with the parking, but the police did a great job of keeping traffic moving.
  16. It's been like this for a while. I'm not sure what's wrong at the moment but we are aware of the problem.
  17. Just watched live as someone tried to put a custard pie in Rupert Murdoch's face during the Select Committee hearing.
  18. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse without any problems. Latency is just fine; never drops out. The added benefit is that I can use it for my desktop, my laptop (which has a terrible keyboard and mouse track-pad) and X-box (which has neither) simply by moving a single, tiny USB dongle. The other benefit is being able to move the keyboard and mouse away from the computer if I want to watch films; can sit at the back of the room and still drive the computer.
  19. It's possible that a component inside the base died, taking the aerial with it.
  20. Fjool


    No requirement to sort circles out up-front; they're pretty flexible. Start by posting to 'Everyone' and, if you get something that's relevant only to a couple of folks, put them in a circle just for that. I get the impression that these so-called circles are designed to grow organically, rather than require a large investment of time for the user.
  21. Fjool


    Been there for simply aaaages, dahlin'
  22. Fjool


    It's how they did it with GMail originally too. They'll open general signups soon I imagine.
  23. Fjool


    You don't need a social networking site to play games though
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