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    Err... well it's bound to be short of members since they're only accepting signups in batches. Personally I think it's miles better than the spam festival that is FaecesBook. The ability to save all your data locally is a nice feature.
  2. Check the classifieds. http://www.shetlink.com/classifieds/
  3. ^ My bad; I moved that post here from a new thread. Didn't remember that there was a specific thread for this. (>_
  4. The vast majority of illicit drug users (95%) are, on the whole, not a problem. The remaining 5%, or 250000 need £333 per week to service their habit. From a purely financial point of view: Legally produced drugs via the NHS would probably cost considerably less than this. But let's say, for argument's sake, that £333 is the best we can manage. 250,000 x £333 = £83,250,000 per week = £4,329,000,000 per year. Which is less than a quarter of the £18 billion lost to 'crime, absenteeism and sickness' under our current policies. If providing these drugs on the NHS reduces the pr
  5. If astrology works, why is there nothing but anecdotal evidence? Oh, er, and I removed the link from anji's post for advertising/spam reasons. If anyone is terribly interested in it, let me know.
  6. Seems a reasonable question to me. SICGUEST is an unsecured network which means that you should assume that anything you do is visible, quite easily to someone inclined to check. The SIC shouldn't be deliberately storing anything though, but they might as part of normal caching of data.
  7. ^ I ken, but I want the full reputation system
  8. I'd vote for the Captain Haddock in Red option if it were present in the poll. Oh wait... there it is after all.
  9. I'm hoping they make 'Long Dark Tea-time of the soul' next.
  10. It's a reasonable enough suggestion. We'll certainly give it some consideration. Thanks for the feedback
  11. That's what this section is: "Shetland's written and spoken form". We even have buttons for all the diacritical marks too. (Not that I have any idea how some of these are pronounced; it looks like a chapter from a Steig Larrson novel on the toolbar (O_o) )
  12. Nothng wrong with posting in Shaetlan if that's how you want to post; we have a section especially for it and it's good to encourage this kind of thing. However, it is doubly more difficult to read when typing, punctuation, grammar and spelling are not accurate. Some extra effort on these points would make a huge difference. Good goes for English too, of course, but doubly so where dialect is concerned. I really enjoy reading well written dialect, but poorly constructed it is a nightmare to pick through.
  13. I hired a skip from 60 North recently. Cost was £75, plus £30 per ton disposal.
  14. Not certain, but I think that might be a valid pronunciation. Not as common, but not incorrect. Anyway, folks, I'm not sure a thread criticising someone in this manner is really in the spirit Shetlink was created. It's tantamount to bullying in here right now.
  15. What happens to used stamps? Collectors? Surely there aren't enough stamp collectors to make thousands of 2nd-class stamps worth anything?
  16. ^ Spoiling your ballot would be better than wilful non-participation. "... say what you like about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos"
  17. There's a time limit after which one cannot edit their posts. This was introduced after it was discovered that threads became disjointed if folks later revised (or removed) their original statements without explaining what had happened.
  18. ^ I'm not trying to discuss that; I'm asking ParaHandy whether he thinks human rights should be removed from 'drug dealers' when this category includes, by some definitions, publicans. It's the sweeping statement I object to and I'm trying to illustrate the lack of clarity present in such.
  19. ^ The issue of legality wasn't mentioned. They're steal drug dealers in the broad sense.
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