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    Fjool reacted to Spinner72 in Local labour shortage   
    I think it might surprise a lot of folk just how many people are in (a). 
    One of the big problems is zero hours contracts, as they pretty much eliminate people from being abe to claim the "Top up" benefits, as there isn't a fixed weekly/monthly wage. Might be £400 this week, but only £100 next week.
    In that sense, a carefully structured UBI would certainly be a better system, so long as it still offers an incentive to work.
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    Fjool reacted to Davie P in Brexit (merged threads)   
    For me, Brexit was the apex because it represented a tipping point for one of the world's longest functioning democracies (a model upon which many Western democracies are based) and a failure of the classic view of the 4 Estates of Democracy. We are now in a new era in the UK where it is 'acceptable' for the government (the Executive) to ignore Parliament (the Legislature) and the courts (the Judiciary) and use the media (the 4th Estate, which has traditionally had a function to hold the other 3 to account) to manipulate voters into voting for something which would demonstrably make the majority worse off.
    Personally, I feel that the move from 'editorial' media to 'social' media has rendered the function of the 4th Estate, to a large degree, obsolete. Mass manipulation seems quite straightforward on Social Media (e.g. Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal). Folk will believe what they want to believe, do very little in the way of fact checking, and seem particularly susceptible to simple false equivalences (e.g. the infamous NHS Bus blaming the EU for government's underinvestment in health services, and the government blaming immigrants for their underinvestment in social services and housing in deprived areas). It all seems very plausible to many people, and Social Media provides the online echo chambers for these manipulations to take hold and become accepted as fact. All the government then has to do is present their latest legislation as the silver bullet to shoot the bogeyman they created, and call anyone who challenges them 'undemocratic' or 'unpatriotic'
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    Fjool reacted to Roachmill in Brexit (merged threads)   
    And it's not like those pushing for Brexit had a good record (I'm being kind here) of delivering on their past promises either; yet they got their way. They remain in power, have made stacks of cash and don't look to be stopping any more of that any time soon.
    It's all well and good saying if whoever is in charge cock things up they'll get voted out... but that's completely ignoring the reality of who those people are, who they're controlled by and their control of the media with the ability to destroy any and all opposition. But enough folk jumped on the relevant hook that fitted with what they wanted and got them over the line. 
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    Fjool reacted to Evil Inky in Brexit (merged threads)   
    He did. This is a quote from the Conservative Party manifesto for the 1970 election: 
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    Fjool reacted to Davie P in Brexit (merged threads)   
    The 'all politicians are liars' line of discussion is quite tedious, and quite frankly nonsense. I studied politics as a student, worked alongside several politicians at various levels during my career and still take a keen interest in it.
    There are many politicians of great integrity, past and present, and at all levels of local and national politics, who have contributed very positively to society.
    However, in all the years I have followed politics I have never seen such blatant dishonesty as that which came from, in the most part, the pro-Brexit politicians and the media outlets which amplified their jingoistic nonsense and glossed over their disregard for due process. They played to the gallery, and promised things that were obviously impossible, with apparent impunity. I feel Brexit was probably the lowest point in British politics for several generations.
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    Fjool reacted to admin in Traditional Shetland food recipes   
    Here’s an idea. Let’s see if we can have a discussion without it going off topic with anti Westminster ‘witticisms’
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    Fjool reacted to Colin in Brexit (merged threads)   
    I thought that politicians on both sides of the argument lied in equal measure.  Only a complete idiot would have believed more than two words that any of them spoke.  I used my personal judgement (right or wrong, who knows?) to vote the way I saw fit.
    As for price hikes.  That's just 'capitalism' at work.  Not that it sits well with me as a lot of the rises are 'because we can' and not 'because we have to'.  Gas doesn't really cost any more to get out of the ground.  It doesn't have to be 'produced' as such.  Just tighten the supply and increase the price.  Oldest trick in the book.
    The problem with the NHS is that it has been a political 'football' for decades.  It also suffers from a lack of any real boundaries in who, or what it treats, and because of this, it has been abused (to a degree) by patients.  It has lost it's way.
    However, selling the choice bits off to the highest bidder is, imho, NOT the best way forward.  Who on earth would want an Americanised 'for profit' NHS where the choice can be, quite literally,  between a lifetime of debt, or death.  Far better to pay a little extra in taxes and keep the money grubbing parasites out. 
    Yes, I know that we already have a 'for profit' medical sector where you can pay (often the same doctors etc.) for early treatment etc.  Why are these people allowed to use NHS facilities?  If you want to pay twice, go ahead, it's your choice.
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    Fjool reacted to Roachmill in Brexit (merged threads)   
    Taking "all politicians lie" as read; which ones lied the most? The ones saying things would be better or worse? And, before anyone says it's a long game, would they please take a moment to think about whether they honestly see price hikes, depletion of the NHS and general American involvments being reversed once we're "back in control"... ever. Apologies for the air quotes.
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    Fjool reacted to Davie P in Graffiti   
    The 'victims' are people who don't like seeing the town vandalised.
    And The War Memorial was a single location, whereas the last incident was several locations. There are arguments to be had regarding the relative symbolism and validity of the 'targets' but the scale is different.
    From my perspective, the "outpouring of outrage and criticism" doesn't "far exceed" the War Memorial incident (which made it to the national news), but then I don't know where you're sourcing your outrage and criticism from.
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    Fjool reacted to Evil Inky in Graffiti   
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    Fjool reacted to Roachmill in Flies   
    Well it's been blamed on the windfarm, the SIC and Orkney's had its name dragged through the mud.
    After reading something somewhere on the internet, I'm sorry to say it's none of the above; it's Brexit. The EU simply won't let our British flies in without the correct paperwork so they're having a staycation.
    In an attempt to shoehorn in Covid... the flies have also chosen Shetland due to our low case numbers.
    Word also has it Boris Johnson has awarded some multi-million pound clean-up contracts to mates fae his school days and the SIC have agreed to pick up the bill.
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    Fjool reacted to Frances144 in 2021 My Shetland Blog   
    The difference
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    Fjool got a reaction from Evil Inky in Counterfeit Notes   
    I find it hilarious that someone would go to the trouble of producing fake notes with a spelling mistake on them. How terrible a crook do you have to be to screw up the easiest part?
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    Fjool got a reaction from Roachmill in Counterfeit Notes   
    I find it hilarious that someone would go to the trouble of producing fake notes with a spelling mistake on them. How terrible a crook do you have to be to screw up the easiest part?
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    Fjool reacted to Evil Inky in Brexit (merged threads)   
    I would imagine it is because other countries can produce things that we want that we can't produce here, for example oranges or bananas, and in turn, we can produce things that other countries can't. If we're going to be trading with another country, it makes sense to strike a trade deal to cut down on the red tape .
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    Fjool reacted to Muckle Oxters in Covid 19 / Coronavirus   
    Slowing da course o a virus was tae prevent health services being overwhelmed (and buy time whilst vaccines and treatments wir developed, and yis, herd immunity was potentially achieved). Dat is whit kept da mortality rates doon, and on da statistical whole dat wis relatively successful. Once folk had da 'rona, da treatments dat were given oot wir relatively simple, but dir is a limit tae how many folk da health services can look after at wance. When da health services were stretched, mortality rates geed up. Simple stuff. I ken plenty o folk who work in health services, and a few folk dat wir very ill we da 'rona, and dat is da story dey tell me too. I'll tak dir testimony at face value afore I listen tae keyboard virologists.
    I don't recall ever hearing fae anybody we ony understanding o the 'rona that the health services advice wis in place to 100% contain it or dat dir widna be variants or new viruses in future - it wis tae slow da spread, which it did.
    I'd be interested tae see ony evidence tae back up dy theory dat slowing da progress increases da chances o variants developing. I'm nae virologist either but it sounds lik a lot o dirt! Surely da mair a virus spreads, da mair chance dir is o mutations.
    On wan hand du's saying dat "keeping a distance from other people and minimising transferrance from handling anything anyone else had handled" wis sensible. I agree, and dat was da core message fae da health authorities.
    But den du says dat "the evidence all points everything they've said and done to having been wholly ineffective."
    Dat wid seem tae be a contradiction
    Du's throwing oot phrases lik "the potential to come with a far more lethal twist in its tail than anyone's worst nightmares could dream up." den saying "Isn't it time for a little perspective, and a little less mass hysteria."
    Again, dat wid seem tae be a contradiction
    And as for comparing the 'rona tae da good old day o da bubonic plague and Spanish flu, when understanding o sanitation, hygiene, germs, viruses and da lik were either non-existant in dir infancy..... Mibee we're aa joost a bunch o modern pansies and we should ignore what was learned fae those global pandemics, ignore da health professionals current advice and joost knuckle doon, get on we it, and let millions die needlessly.
    I'm happy tae social distance, wear a mask, and wash me hands when needs be if it'll save even wan life.
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    Fjool reacted to Capeesh in NHS [England] Data Grab   
    The NHS is very last thing of any value left, the final bastion of the post war consensus.
     The greedy Tories of today are a different breed from those from that period, of course they’ll sell it.
    The depressing thing for me is when people eventually realise they’ve been conned, it’ll be too late to save it.
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    Fjool reacted to peeriebryan in 3D Printing Needed   
    Try Ross at Hot Gecko in Hoswick https://www.hotgeckomedia.com/
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    Fjool reacted to Muckle Oxters in Scottish Independence Referendum 2021   
    All du really seems to be sayin is dat things will be different. And dat wid be da whole point. Things wid be different - some better, some worse - but Scotland tends to vote fur left leaning parties and England tends to vote fur right leaning parties. If we went wir seperate ways den Scotland wid liklee hae higher taxes and better social services, England wid hae lower taxes and mair reliance on public service outsourcing tae private companies. For example, if you towt dat giving awaa aa da Covid contracts tae private companies rather than investing da same money in da NHS wis da right thing tae do, den vote tae keep da union and tie wis tae English policies!
    I’m lucky enough to earn a higher dan average wage and hiv no problem we payin higher taxes if it means da country I live in is mair equitable.
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    Fjool reacted to Ghostrider in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    I'm not going to try and justify that they're 'better in every way', even thiugh they very probably are.
    What I will point out though, is if you check out cheapest (by price tag) products which contain 'tomato sauce' of some sort, you'll find many of them 'bulk out' the tomato puree with fructose syrup.
    I'm not claiming to have any nutritionalist knowledge but if someone offers me a choice between liquidised tomatoes or concentrated fruit sugar, I'm not thnking I'll be picking the latter as being likely to feed me best.
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    Fjool reacted to Ghostrider in Electric Vehicles   
    Private car ownership would be a far less bad thing for the environment if cars were made to last much longer. There's no practical reason why cars aren't built to last longer other than financial - makers don't want to lose the pay cheque of selling a complete new unit every time one of their previous ones racks up the theoretical 10 years/100,000k 'lifespan'.
    The shell is the only thing that has the potential to end the life of a car, usually from corrosion, everything else it 'bolt on'. Make the shell from minimally corrosive metals and a car has the potential to last several human lifetimes only requiring parts that wear out are break replacing when necessary.
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    Fjool reacted to peeriebryan in Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?   
    For reference:
    link to the Sandwick planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ3S9ROAGZ400 link to the Scalloway planning application and comments https://pa.shetland.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=QQ2S63OAGYY00  
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    Fjool reacted to Ghostrider in Forum Moderation   
    Oh, I dunno. Opinions expressed on this site, in common with most sites are tempered to some degree, the fact it has Mods who act from time to time is proof of that. So while folk may be expressing their opinions up to an extent, its quite likely some at least cannot express their opinions in full. KInda an 'opinion lite' version only can get through.
    Nothing wrong with that per se, site operators make the judgement call and set the bar on content based on where they feel it needs to be to keep their site how and where they like it.
    I can sympathise though with anyone who feels they have nowhere online that they can freely speak their mind, as they seem few and far between. Some might say some opinions don't deserve an airing, but I'm more in favour of age restricted entry and a content disclaimer, then let all so-called 'adults' have a free for all on whatever they like behind that.
    Shetlink tends to steer a pretty good middle ground IMHO, there are certainly any number of sites out there with both far more lax content standards and far more pandering to snowflake sensibilities, but any I've ever come across who operated zero or minimal moderation policies have by fair means or foul been forced to either get with the program or be forcibly closed down. If not though pressure being put on their third party server or internet connection provider(s) then by petty nitpicking by global financial institutions on their income streams.
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    Fjool reacted to peeriebryan in Forum Moderation   
    I assure you you're wrong. If we deleted everything we didn't agree with then there wouldn't be much discussion 'round here!
    Most moderating goes on behind the scenes, and it's pretty unglamorous stuff - deleting spam and spammers' accounts, sending friendly Private Messages reminding people of T&Cs, merging threads, sending password reminders, dealing with disputes between members etc. Occasionally, for the greater good, the duties extend to removing content we feel is in breach of the community protocols.
    We started Shetlink over 14 years ago to encourage debate about Shetland related issues and as a way for Shetland diaspora to stay in touch, and the community values have evolved over time. But if someone feels they're being 'gagged' or their 'freedom of speech' is being impinged because of the community values (that the moderators have volunteered to uphold), then I suggest this probably isn't the best community for them to be a member of.
    There are plenty of websites out there with little or no moderation, and I would suggest that constructive, civilised debate is generally not a hallmark of such websites. If unmoderated Freedom of Speech is the goal, then good luck in finding a website to hold a discussion that doesn't descend into spam, porn, flaming and trolling - unfortunately, that is what absolute Freedom of Speech looks like on the internet. I've been moderating forums for 20+ years and can't think of a single example of an unmoderated forum which hasn't devolved into an absolute rattle o' dirt! 
    When people talk of Freedom of Speech as an ultimate and ideal goal, it is easy for them to forget that there has to be a space for such speech and freedoms to be exercised. It's about finding a workable balance.
    And please, lets not go down the route of claiming that 'there was more Freedom of Speech in the olden days' etc - in my experience, that's a result of people having ever more options to express themselves publicly but finding that there are even more options for people to disagree with them and call them out too. Expressing some 'colourful views' across the garden fence or down at the social club was one thing, but posting them online for the world to see is another, and it should come as no surprise that there are plenty more folk who will challenge those 'colourful views'.
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    Fjool reacted to Muckle Oxters in Forum Moderation   
    Yun wis a good post GR, but does du see da irony in complaining aboot folk gettin offended by using an example in which du says how 'grossly offended' du'd be by da wording o a Facebook advert if it was aimed at dee. It's lik du's lookin fur wyes tae be offended  
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