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  1. jim i know who you are. you complain about noise? coming from the guy that has a old heap of an L200 with dead glow plugs turning over for 5 mins EVERY morning, kicking blue oily reek out the back! oil puddles all over the town coming from your leaking sump! to noitfy people what kind of person ONLYJIM is we saved his wife and his house when it went on fire! we risked our own lives to make sure his wife was safe and also stopped there house burning to the ground (that HE caused laying felt) until the fire brigade came! ...... did you even say thank you????? no you didnt! you dont see us complaining about you. yes a few of our friends have loud exhausts and i can apologise on there behalf but i cant make them change there exhausts. my car is a classic super car. you cannot get a lower DB exhaust! many classic cars are just loud and have relaxed mot regulations on noise. i can assure you also that we are law abiding and our cars are perfectly road legal not to mention friendly guys. there is a difference between as said "boy racers" and people who love and live by motors! i am not from shetland. i do however notice that there is ALOT more interest in cars/bikes up here. the reason in my eyes is there is nothing else for these boys and girls to do at night apart from play with there cars and bikes. i sujest a place outside town where these guys can go, away from houses.... a skid pan... a drag strip...a drif track... a go-cart track..... as soon as you have a place where they can congrigate there is no longer going to be loud fast " boyracer cars " blasting around town and dangerous roads. as others have said about speeding on single track roads where kids are around i completely agree, i have no respect nor time for anyone that could put another person/child in danger. there is a time and a place. but also violence does not solve everything so egging cars would deffinatly be a bad idea in shetland. a good bolocking (on there own) always sorted me out when i was younger. give that a try You didn't save my house and my wife from a big fire. It was a few planks on a conservatory which had ample fire stops to prevent it reachin the main building. I thanked everyone at the time sorry if I missed you out. Or you didn't hear me when the fire brigade arrived. I don't have a leaky sump and don't leave puddles all over town. Also it starts no bad for 10 years old when it isn't cold or been lying for days. None of this by the way has anything to do with racing up the road in a normally quiet area ,turning and racing back, or sitting revving your engines endlessly in a road where you don't live. I wasn't insulting people either, just asking for some peace and quiet. Edit...I didn't notice the risked our lives bit. You ego is as big as your exhaust. I am extremely grateful to the guys who came to help and all that anyone did.
  2. Honest truth. If you are goig to buy a big expensive tv from the mainland , go to John lewis. I bought a 50" plasma from Currys a few years back. £200 cheaper . I had to pay £ 60 to get it here.... £i40 cheaper. Broke down in the one year guarantee. Send it back and get a replacement 3months later £120 .2x60. Replacement lasted 2 years but took out a 3 year extra guarantee extra cost £80. £-60. John Lewis Give free transport to us up here in Shetland and give us a 5 year guarantee. My 3 year guarantee stood when the next one only lasted 2 years. I was going south so took it with me ...No box I was on hol and was in the shop on the way back they had my mobile # The TV was fixed and in the shop early that morning but they phoned me to tell me after i boarded the boat at 4'45. Can you send it in a Taxi. No it's not in a box. My Tv arrived at the ferry terminal twice the for some reason or other went to a store in England After about £15 of phone calls to centres that charge a fortune I finally got a smashed TV delivered to Shetland four weeks later. I phoned and told them i was going south in a months time and would be bringing this TV with me. I now have a top of the range smart tv with a five year warantee but if it breaks down i will have to pay shipping to an from ..Min cost £120. I'm sorry for being so long winded but that is the way it happened I@m happy now with what i have but it is only weeks old. Next time ????
  3. The staff are always brilliant. more than i can say for some of the doctors. the place has been given a technical revamp but nothing else to warrant it. Thousands , possibly millions and still the place is a shambles. I remember not long ago i could say i have time next week can i have an appointment on that day. Answer. OK or no but how about another day or time. Now you have to phone and sit by the phone waiting for an answer that might never come. You can't do that if you are at work. What's wrong with ...I want an appointment and i am free on this day. Do you have one available. The dentist work that way and so do the vets. Rant over...
  4. In the 80's and early 90's there was live music in all of the clubs and 50% of the pubs almost every night except Wednesday(don't know what was wrong with Wednesday.) Anyway there was something to go out for beside drink.
  5. No, you didn't dream that, somebody else did. You're 'mistake' was believing it... It's just a dream. Some way or another Shetland folk will have to do without something so The Big Dream can exist. It's a big ugly building and the more complete it becomes , the uglier it gets. How did it even get past planning. Same people that want us to stop travelling to pay for it.
  6. the more entertainment the better if we can't get off the island.
  7. I looked but couldn't find another thread about this. Have any of you had neighbours constantly revving their cars with Loud exhausts on such a regular basis that it is driving you mad. It's mostly young lads with modified exhausts that they seem to think we all like to hear. there are laws against all sort of things but the law about exhausts is very vague. I got stopped once with a burst exhaust and told by the police to get it seen to. It was nowhere near the noise that these guys are putting out. I have asked politely and after a time asked unpolitely but still it continues in a neighbourhood where the average age is 60+ so no one wants to complain. I am on the verge of going to the police but there has to be another Can anyone advise me on any options i have. Apart from putting up with it and doing nothingsolution. It's not just the neighbour but his friends come with their similarly loud cars and think it is open season. On days when everyone parks in their driveways and the street is clear it's a lock your cats upo and hope your grand bairns don't run out onto the normally sheltered road/dragstrip. Does anyone have any advise on what to do apart from bury your head and ignore it
  8. Well..Honest truth what did you think of the long awaited display. And on such a perfect night. I'm afraid to say that i saw better throughout the town. My verdict .. Disappointed.( putting it mildly) the only way we knew it was over was when some people (in the know) Started to clap
  9. Are they really taking one of the boats out of service the week before Up Helly Aa. Last Tueday is January 31st. No sailing on the Friday,Saturday or Monday before. Just one on the Sunday. Just what are they thinking. [***Mod edit - threads merged***]
  10. Tall? Short? Fat? Thin? In the same place both times? Average size, man like rather than woman. I took a photo the second time. Perfect clear pic' with a haze where the ghost was. There is a copy in the Maryfield.
  11. Way back in the early 70’s I was contracted by COSTARC to build a drystone dyke. The new runway was to be excavated and constructed but the whole of the south end was pure sand As deep as you could dig. Just on the other side of the road across from the fire station a settlement was found ( a bit like Sacra Brae) It was documented and then dismantled then the thousands of tons of sand were shifted. I believe a lot more was discovered but never declared but will not swear to that. The road to the then public terminal and other vital parts such as the fire station and control tower was to be diverted, meaning that a large section of the hill at the side of the wee croft now known as the Scatness dig had to be taken away. The contractors wanted to put up a fence at the top of the slope but the then owner of the land said “there was a drystone dyke before and I want a drystone dyke back in its placeâ€. Enter me. I was there for weeks with nothing to do as my part of the job wasn’t ready. I did anything they could find for me to do. More often than not, driving the tractor with the big revolving brush keeping the mud off the roads. When they couldn’t find anything for me to do I found myself sitting in an old house reading the papers till they knocked the house down and then found multiple graves beneath. Finally a person of some responsibility asked if I could drive a JCB. I started to dig out for the foundations for a mortar built stone face to stabilise the slope for the drystone dyke at the top. I hit a stone wall and dug out the soft earth either side. By this time my side of the job was falling behind so I was working late. I got out and used a shovel to clear the stonework that I had found. On the left hand side was a midden. I realised by the shape and size that it was more than likely the base of a broch so I stopped digging with the intention of telling my employers next day. I had a well-paid two months’ work ahead of me if I just dug it all away but instead I exposed it for what it was. Someone got there a few thousand years before me; No way would I hide that. I was then and still am overwhelmed and proud to have been the first person to lay eyes on it after all those years. Apparently someone from the control tower saw it on the way home and reported it to the museum. The rest is history. I was there recently and got the book. It said something about being found by workmen. "workman"
  12. It's an almost albino sparrow. There is a thread all about it somewhere on the forum it's been coming here every morning for quite a while now and even had it's pic' in the Shetland times.
  13. http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab8/onlyjim/Stuff/SAM_0345-1.jpg
  14. Can you spot the wee white sparrow
  15. Ah well seein' as they are wild i will let them off with it for now. The snow is saving the grass. http://i844.photobucket.com/albums/ab8/onlyjim/Stuff/SAM_0345.jpg They are protected as well so i can't eat them.
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