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  1. they'd have difficulty pinning anything concrete on him Are you suggesting that the council get a patio extension.
  2. "2 - (What is being kept under lock and key that the public of Shetland has a right to know about)" Exactly, what does Mr Clark know that the people of Shetland don't. It appears that he has been paid off, a substantial sum of money, to keep quiet about something (or many things). Another thing, wasn't he a mandatory probation, i.e. are there no clauses that would have led to his dismissal without a pay-off? Perhaps Chief Executives dont have one?? Not a good advert for visit shetland. Perhaps Simon King should ditch the otters and set up camera's to watch the behavioural habits of our elected members and council officials....would be far more revealing methinks.
  3. I'm amazed, like Mallorca Lee, how they manage to get the place ready so quickly from restaurant to club. Methinks they must have a special, flip-over floor type thingy device. Something like our friendly neighbourhood spiderman uses. See 31secs into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQwNwQIY73U [/url]
  4. Flaming Mo


    I agree with these posts, the state of these chicken pies is shocking (it nearly reduced my better half to tears when she tried the new/crap version for the first time!) From my own selfish point of view, this is up there with the windfarms, chief exec debacle and anderson high school. Anyone up for creating a "sustainable chicken pie" campaign?? My favourite way of eating a voe chicken pie was to empty out the chicken and put it between two large slices of heavily buttered bread mmmmmmmm yam yam That is a mere memory now though
  5. Flaming Mo

    Mixes Thread

    ^^ loving the Trus'Me mix
  6. http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/alex_morrison_26_sept_036.jpg Hairy Pie anybody??
  7. I see that he's playing at T in the Park on the Sunday!! As long as he's not claiming overtime/double time, I can't see a problem with this.
  8. http://www.samurai.fm/player/index.php?id=4392 I've found it - The funk can be found 16mins and 44 secs into this mix WAR - World is a ghetto
  9. I considered buying them.....but then found out the collection didn't include Rick Astley's - Never gonna give you up. The search goes on
  10. A similar approach to yours was tried by the scientist in 'day of the dead', including consideration of cultural enrichment (listening to music)....just don't coming running to me when you get found out for feeding body parts of fellow shetlinkers to the zombies. The zombies wont get me that easily, I'll be holed up at Hodge's emporium using all manner of items to fight them off.
  11. He could go Manchester to Edinburgh Return - Flybe (cheapest £75) and Edinburgh to Sumburgh (cheapest around £200).
  12. calm down....... I don't think this is a problem which is just specific to the SIC/Shetland or th Hjaltland Housing Association!!!
  13. I'm all for conservation and keeping what we have. I take it that Frank did the same and put both those fish back to be caught another day?
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