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  1. I am getting extremely worried aboot the T This barge is moored here because it has to be 'Outside the Blast Zone' Well sorry, but with 200+ Ersehoils living on it, it more or less is taking the Blast Zone with it and ruining the T for at least a year. It's enough to mak you wanna move to Whalsay.
  2. You don't need a gun Sir. Just open the neck of that paper bag you're living in and take a few deep breaths. You will be amazed at the clarity of the air around you.. No smells and with a change of clothes, at least every 6 weeks, you will become a new person I may even invite you to the T for a Kronnenbourg 1664 (You Buy). .
  3. Or whit - you gonna exterminate us seeing you are a Dalek? paulb, you sometimes blow hot and cold like a cheap kettle, but you make good copy - sometimes
  4. Cripes, I never thaought of this.. I intend therefore, to move, lock, stock and barrel into the T,
  5. The height of positioning stupidity. Take a look at the photos of 60yeras ago and see what this part of the harbour looked like then. It's time to do this again, by building out another 50meters, right along the lower esplanade.. The Street is the street and nothing can be done with it in any major way, So while they are busy extending everything at Gremista etc for pure business purposes, the LPA and the SIC should be planning for the Street by expanding the periphery along the current waterfront. Simples - and leave the T alone.
  6. Who badly needs a new AHS. One word and it canna spell it - morrons and once more, MORONS Dinna say it dusna matter - it does.
  7. Once it was an Annual Profit of 23 Million per annum expected. How much is being expected now? 10 million, 5 million or zilch.
  8. Can I have them back~? Okay SP - are yours the Pink Wans
  9. The artists drawing that appears in this weeks Shetland Times wis usefuk, but it's not very helpful What is required is a moving 3D Drawing, that will incorporate all the planned changes, changes that we can see as we walk or drive through. I understood that Planners have this technology and that it is being used on a dsy to day basis now. Does the SIC Planners have this systems? The drawing should run from Breiwick Bay to the North Road.. ------- Who owns the land and buidings used for the current High School, and what is going to happen to it all when vacated?
  10. Seems to me that Peat and Nederlander are getting their knickers in a twist over this The trouble might be, maybe they are not wearing any.
  11. Commercial Street ended at what was Tods of Lerwick From there, it was Commercial Road, ending at Pete's Corner
  12. Oh God, please get me to the T for me Kronenbourg 1664. Summers come and the Nuts are oot.
  13. RENDITION SAILINGS for the Baddies at 3am Tuesdays - whit next Mmmm, but how do they get the Replacements in? Whitna boat was yun?. Of course it's a lot of Bannocks, We even have shetlandpeat writing in - who next? Am awa to the T.
  14. Whit the true story of this 40 Million Pound Housing Debt is, I don't profes to know. But one must wonder about the reckless, extravigant, wasteful use of Shetland's resources over the last few years, which may have had a serious and marked effect for the 'writing off of this debt'. Be it Westminster, Holyrood, SCT who cares, but it needs to be sorted once and for all. Or it's call in Trump
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