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  1. Sorry have just seen your location as Ollaberry, cheers
  2. Hi can you advise as to where on the island this happened and have you reported the incident? cheers
  3. Fantastic night, me and mrs had such a laugh, hope he comes back again brilliant still laughing now
  4. Hi they are counting the road traffic to see how many cars use that stretch of road, they have been at the club of mulla since 8am and were still there on our way home at 1800hrs they are from the roads department nothing suss
  5. Can I please remind those dog walkers in the Voe area to clean up after their dogs, its disgusting and bloody lazy, I am sick of walking my dog and seeing the mess, the local dog warden has been informed and will be on the look out for those responsible, CLEAN IT UP
  6. Can anyone actually give me an idea of what the weather is doing tomorrow, all weather websites seem to have something different, i would like to make some sort of decision this evening on kids going to school tomorrow as I have to work, dont want to leave it till the last minute, wasnt expecting this today so put them to skool, dont want the same mistake (***Mod Edit - Merged with existing thread***)
  7. Wish they had decided to close this morning... Brae still open but Im going to get my kids now, no signs of this snow letting up, been a good 2 hours now.
  8. The police take so much crap on a daily basis, that when someone just cant be bothered to tell them their name because they feel picked on, makes the police think their hiding something. Police are given legislation to work from if you dont like the way it works go to the ones who make the rules, and legislations. Who are the ones who drag the bodies out of the sea or smashed up cars, deal with the mass amount of suicides shetland has, going to the relatives and telling them that their loved ones are dead, or being called to a house where the owner is brandishing a knife, or being physically and verbally abused. we are all hoping that drugs in shetland will be stopped so that the next generations wont have to deal with it, if your being checked for drugs, maybe someone closer to you has dobbed you in, not because the police are looking for somone to pick on. Have a little bit of a thought, you might need them someday.
  9. i believe there was one bairn left to his own devices this morning at the brae school, nobody realised he was there until another parent found him when also had not been informed of the school closure, pretty crap if you ask me
  10. hey does anyone know the dates of up helly aa in brae, and also what on for hop night?
  11. At the end of the day they are going to do what they want, and they are not going to give a crap what we think is right or wrong. I will enjoy watching my children spend the money now, and help them in anyway i can before god forbid i get stuck in a care home. live life
  12. I never write in these things, but having read the newspaper this morning, im totally shocked with regards to the way that old folk in care homes are going to be charged these sums of money, its shocking, some of these people have done so much for this country just to be shafted in return, and then I hear on the radio that money from the USA and UK will be sent to pay the Taliban to switch sides hmmmmm, Last nights news showed pictures of old folk in haiti with no homes and how they were suffering, then it continued to say that the aid wasnt coming through quick enough, what about our people, what do they get? this is just my opinion, but come on it's rediculous.
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