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  1. I was vexed to hear about the poor lady run over on a pelican crossing last Friday however, I'm not surprised as the lighting in the town is dire, to say the least. You'd need a blinkey just to walk aboot!!
  2. In our experience Northlink are super quick to refund any monies due. In fact they immediately pay it back into your bank account. Also, the price of fares do not depend on how early they are booked but rather on what season they are booked. I've often wondered why Northlink don't run a sort of "loyalty scheme" or some such thing for Shetlanders who frequently travel with them. Such a scheme might be of interest to cash strapped students or the like as it would make frequent visits home so much more attractive. Another idea is that they could have last minute deals for empty cabins in less busy seasons. That could be a real money spinner for them (as the boat goes anyway!!) and very attractive to homesick young people. What about it Northlink? Better a full winter ship full of youngsters than an almost empty ship full of crew!
  3. When I heard Tusk tonight saying that the EU should retain the status quo re fisheries I felt incandescent with annoyance. An UNELECTED landlubber telling the people of the U.K. what to do with OUR fish! Even though I voted against independence last time, I would, if the UK Government sell us down the swanny...AGAIN..., vote for independence next time around. Of course, that's assuming that the Scottish Government would take their collective heads out of the Central Belt and support our fishermen. Would they?
  4. I'd suggest E&H for a really professional service.
  5. I'd suggest getting it from George Robertsons. Their prices are good and their service is excellent. They will also take your old appliance away at no extra cost. I always try to buy locally, not only to support local trade, but also because there is on the button customer service. I recently priced an item on the internet and got it cheaper at Irvine Interiors. Also, at Planticrub and Smith & Robertson I got a full refund for damaged goods with no quibble whatsoever. They didn't even ask for a receipt but took my word for it! That's what I call service!
  6. What irritates me is the lack of UK vegetable and fruit. Why import green beans from Guatemala when they grow fine here? The same goes for loads of other items. All in all I prefer the Co-op for variety, freshness and prices.
  7. There's a young man in Nesting, Peter Hunter, who has lots of pigs. You could ask him. He lives at Vassa.
  8. Still have had no feedback aboot the new dental practice at North Road
  9. Has anyone out there tried the new private dental practice at North Road? And if so, fit laek?
  10. Mr. Garrett claims that there is always a berth available on the boat. Well, today we tried to book 4 different trips for hospital appointments and NO CABINS were available down or back! Lifeline service my a##se. So I think, when people cannot get a cabin, they just don't travel. Usually, anyway.
  11. I don't know a lot about this but I do know about the healthcare situation in Ireland as I have family there. Yep, it's 50 Euros + to see a G.P. depending on where you live. Attending an A&E will knock you back 100 Euros never mind the rest. There is no free or subsidised dental care or eye care. It wasn't thus before Ireland joined the EU. There is a safety net for the unemployed, disabled and chronic sick. All in all, I wouldn't like to live there.
  12. Yep, I saw the berlingo too and blooming dangerous it was! I saw a school bus trying to negociate passing it. Also, the disabled spaces (as everywhere else in Lerwick) are regularly abused. I don't think we have a traffic warden and the police do ******* all as far as I can see. Also, why can't individual establishments such as Tesco, Clickimin etc., regulate their own disabled spaces?/
  13. Daft pure and simple. Yes, the council is obliged to provide education but open a school for 1 child?? They should think outside the box and provide another form of education such as teleconferencing (or whatever its called). That could be suplemented with, for example, a peripatetic-once-a-week teacher, a monthly visit to the nearest mainland school etc. Also, there's the social developement of the child to think about. A politician (Maggie Thatcher, I think) once said that running a country's finances is a matter of good housekeeping. I can think of loads of ways of saving money.
  14. Well all this must be very distressing for the suffers but I have to say whenever I have a problem I am seen the same day.
  15. "The cost of providing the education service in Shetland is ludicrous when compared with other Councils and puts a strain across all Council services." I was told that a couple of weeks ago the entire Fair Isle school was FLOWN, yes FLOWN to the mainland to go swimming at Clickimin! Incredible. What a waste of money. I also agree with Gussie Angus: we can't have it all ways.
  16. I think that Jonathan Wills is a man of integrity whether or not one agrees with his views. He has the courage to rock the boat and to shift people out of their comfort zones. There has been too much "protectionism" in the council corridors for too long. The thought of Sandy Cluness getting an OBE both demeans that award and is abhorrent to me.
  17. Well, we have 4 children and have never felt the need to darken the doors of a leisure centre during the Christmas holidays. There are a myriad of things for bairns to do in Shetland, summer or winter. If they are bored I would have a question mark over that: what did previous generations do? What's wrong with assembling Christmas toys such as lego, board-games etc? What about walks, beach-combing and visiting relatives and friends? Anyway, the leisure centre staff need their space too and it would be very expensive to run these centres over the holiday.
  18. I think something is rotten in the state of Denmark! I've know Jonathan Wills for over 20 years and although I don't always agree with his politics I would defend his integrity. If Jonathan says Clark abused him, he did. [***Mod edit- content removed at users own request***] Willie Shannon: I don't know the man but all who do say he is an excellent lawyer with an unblemished reputation. Now I wonder why Clark wanted him gone?? Mmmmmm.
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