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  1. I have several odds and ends shall we say of land around the west side (WALLS/WHITENESS) and occasionally borrow a plot here or there . one of the major problems is start up costs most of the indoor growing can be done with second hand parts some polytunnel material and a grow bag and results range from chillies and peppers to cucumbers and onions in a matter of a few weeks, as for milk and eggs i have built a chicken coop but no need to fill it with the vital hens and a cock or two , ducks tho cost more to keep during the winter so they are a drain on resources ideally i would like an indoor garage with a cat/pig flap to accomodate my piggies, its a bit of a mine feild to be honest rather amusing at times tho lol ...thanks for the intrest BAM_BAM
  2. Dear shetlink i have recently decided to become self sufficent as i am sick of tesco's cheap and unhealthy food so to stick it to the man i wish to organiclly hand rear and grow as much of my food as possible from veg to meats even a lil home brew i have already looked into indoor growing and just wish to get hold of sum live stock and as i see there are a few unwanted animals of various sorts i am willing to give a loving home to any unwanted hens, cows sheep and hopefully pigs any help would be much appreciated ranging from tips and hints to anythingyou can muster ... feel free to let me know if you think im mad ...... Bam-Bam
  3. if you take away the drugs from shetland expesh a well know injectable substance that has come to plauge this island then crime would drop over night and if half the islands weekends antics didnt consist of trying to get more blootered than the man next to you then there would be no pathetic punch ups outside flints at 2 in the morning and as fo rthese cameras they will only make prosocuting criminals easier they cant stop the human impulse to puch some one or snatch a purse only watch as it happens the money that was use for them cameras could have been used to buy thicker jumpers for the lazy ass police force so they wouldnt find it to cold to walk a beat like old fashioned coppers used to instead of sitting on their bums in warm cars pulling people over for seatbelt offences and minor car irregularities its pathetic ! BAM-BAM
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