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  1. as almost all the subjects on the shetlink forums seem to end up with folk bitching and bickering at each other, i thought I'd start one specially Enjoy
  2. i know someone who shared a 2 bedroomed private flat with her sister. one sister moved in with her boyfriend when the rent went up and the other couldn't afford the rent so spoke to housing to see if she could get help. she was told if she moved out , she would be making herself intentionally homeless. they asked her if she'd been in any disputes with the neighbours or been in trouble for any sort of anti social behavior. she told them no. she was then told, if she had, for instance, been a nuisance neighbour and caused problems, that she would be rehoused. surely by behaving like a *******, you would be making yourself intentionally homeless, rather than not being able to afford the rent. she ended up in another private rent, which cost her loads of money and was cold and pokey. pretty unfair system, especially when certain folk trash the place, cause a nuisance to all around them, then get put in another brand new lovely house while the council gos in and repairs the one they've just wrecked. maybe someone with a bit more intelligence should make the rules!
  3. There was plans at one time to allow housing associations tenants the right to buy their homes.Dont know if its still on the cards or not.
  4. You would think if you have to pay more rent if you house is under occupied than you should pay less if your home is over occupied .But of course that Principe only works one way.
  5. Regarding the bedroom tax whereby tenants with spare bedrooms will have to pay more rent on their homes will tenants like me 6 persons living in a 3 bedroomed house get a rent reduction.?
  6. Anyone with a rabbit problem keen airgun shooter would love oppertunity to thin them out for you .Phone Robbie sandison on 07748111349 .I use a silenced air rifle to keep disturbance to a minumin quarry will be removed if possible to avoid attracting vermin
  7. Well if shetland became independant we could set our own standards.
  8. I think silvercloud is doing a good job. if i knew then what i knew now, then i feel my births would have been a lot different. I have a facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/189040037834142/ which I hope helps to inform people about their choices during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as provide them with information to help make those choices and a chance to meet other people etc. The early cord clamping scenario is something that I feel very strongly about and there are several links on my page about it. As for the title of the post. The moderators do tend to change any future ones you may choose, if they think it's the same subject, even though they may be different. A lot of women go into birth without much knowledge about what is happening to them and what they can do to help them to have a better experience. Like myself
  9. well i find it pointless considering you can go to the ferry terminal with a couple of forms of id (ie bank card and letter) along with a photo, and they will put it on your islander card. so why wouldn't it be acceptable just to produce these forms of id. after all, that is how you got the id in the first place! odd!
  10. wonder if he was the same guy who was hitching over the road from my house in south lochside. he then went to the bus stop and hitched every time a car went by. was there for over an hour! he had a beard and a rucksack on. odd place to try and hitch!!!
  11. hahahaha shetlink! probably the only place where folk will start bickering about escaped sheep baaaaaarmy!!!
  12. am getting there slowly and hopefully by next year will be able to offer swaps with folk. one thing i could offer anyone if they want any is rhubarb still got loads i want rid of. got some fruit bushes on the go so hoping they'll spread a bit this year and can offer some out at end of summer or next year. let me know if you want any rhubarb anyone else with extra garden stuff. let me know. willing to pay. dont expect it all free
  13. i know but i want to slab the bit where my washing line is
  14. well its the time for the garden again. can anyone tell me where the cheapest place to get paving slabs is up here
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