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  1. Gosh! Had to comment when I saw the video that Ghostrider shared. That was taken over 11 years ago by my husband on our first ever visit to Shetland - what a blast from the past! We've been living here for over 8 years now. Proof if it was needed that while the weather certainly isn't for everyone, it also doesn't put everybody off. I can't comment on how easy it would be for you guys to live up here (not many of the buildings are wheelchair accessible as they're all pretty old & pre-accessibility planning law), or whether you would experience racism - generally I have found Shetland to be a very welcoming friendly place to be, but there are idiots here, just as everywhere else, and it's not a hugely ethnically diverse community. I hope whatever decision you make you end up somewhere that works for you guys.
  2. Good point. There is a fairly sharp double 90 degree bend in the plumbing at the point where I can hear it though, so I thought it may have got trapped? - and the dog is convinced it is in this spot, and he has never been wrong about a rodent before. If he says it is there, it is usually there. Which begs the question - why is the ruddy thing returning to my ubend to chew on my pipes??
  3. Dog has been going nuts at the back of the loo all day, and I've just been in to listen and he's right. SOMETHING is in the ubend of the toilet making scrabbling/gnawing sounds. As it has been there since this am, and has shown no sign of moving on, I'm fairly sure it's stuck. Anyone get any suggestions as to how to evict the little beggar? I've flushed the loo several times without problem today, so it's not blocking the system at least, but I'm not happy about the idea of it gnawing at the plumbing from the inside...
  4. I find this is quite often the case the night before the print version comes out - jobs especially tend to disappear - probably means they're updating it with the stuff which will be in print for tomorrow, but which can't be released early (ie tonight)?
  5. Ours arrived eventually too - although it was left out in the rain on the neighbours porch. Not ideal really. Oh well.
  6. Just wondering if anyone had heard of 'Syncreon Technology Services' and has any idea who might deal with their deliveries up here? We've ordered something online which is being delivered through them. It has been dispatched, and appears to have got to Aberdeen, but then the tracking report reads 'delivery failed' and the item appears to have gone south - the status now just reads 'courier delay'. Of course this might mean that it still got on the boat in Aberdeen and is on its way, most tracking systems seem to struggle with this, but still. A little googling tells me that the actual carrier may have been UK mail and that syncreon simply coordinate tracking (badly, it seems) - but I'm curious. Just wondering if I should expect the usual 2 week extra while it sits in a warehouse in Lerwick, or if I should contact the retailer and ask them what's going on...
  7. It's not nice out there folks - take care! Journey from Dales Lees to town took me well over an hour. Roads were pretty white in a lot of places. Nearly slid a few times going through the kames. Apologies to anyone stuck behind me crawling down the hill into town - I think my foot had frozen in place on the accelerator peddle by that point!
  8. I think that's probably the old croft of Lunklet. It's in the right place for it on the map anyway...
  9. Yup. Although it's never bothered me. It's a boat, and it's likely to move, so I've never put anything on the floor in the bathroom while I shower anyway - it's only a low barrier and I figure it wouldn't be hard for the water to run over it. So I pop everything on the loo first. It's not me who has to clean the cabins and the towels & mats will all go for washing the next morning anyway, so I can live with it. Just make sure you pop your shoes on if you need to nip back in to go to the loo afterwards!
  10. What's the snow doing around Voe/Brae? Blizzard conditions in town - not looking forward to the journey home.
  11. Have been to town and back from just outside of voe. Main roads are fine, just the odd bit of drifting heading south, but Dales Lees is a bit like an ice slide. Passable - but only with care and very good tyres!
  12. Do the ploughs/gritters work a sunday? I've got to get someone to sumburgh from voe tomorrow (providing the flights are going), and I'm not looking forward to it...
  13. Yeah, it's the fella in the picture. Part of him is border terrier (I think!) - I'm not quite sure what the other parts are. He's definately all terrier though! Gets on very well with bigger dogs - especially collies. I don't think he's ever met a Shih Tsu though...
  14. At the risk of sounding like a lonely hearts for dogs ad, I was wondering if anyone in the Voe/Firth/Mossbank (or beyond) with a friendly dog would be interested in setting up a playdate. I've recently moved up with my little terrier and I think he's missing his doggy pals from home. Would be nice to get together with some other dogs on a stretch of sand or patch of sheep-free ground where they could just have a good old run around together. If anyone's interested let me know!
  15. I'm with petplan. Not the cheapest for premiums, but are one of the best for cover I've found. We've been with them for a good while with the other pets when I was back sooth and they've paid for years of treatment for cats with liver/kidney problems, cat-scans for the dog, total joint restructuring for our puppy and all the treatment for the diabetic chihuahua, plus for a dermatologist to deal with the cat that was allergic to everything (we can sure pick 'em when it comes to animals in our household). I'd rather pay out a bit more now and know that my little fella is going to get absolutely all the treatment he needs no matter what goes wrong with him than run the risk of having to have him put to sleep because I can't afford to get him treated any more.
  16. I managed to lose my wallet just before catching the ferry over to Bressay when I was up visiting last year. Had a bit of a blind panic for a few minutes and then asked if anyone had seen it. Turned out the lad I asked had just dropped it off in the port authority office five minutes earlier. I've never been so relieved in my life - if it had happened back home it would have been almost certain I would never see it again. There's a lot of nice folk up here, that's for sure.
  17. Just wondering if anyone can solve a bit of a quandry. If you have one Ern, do you have two Erns? Or are they still Ern in multiple?? Cheers!
  18. Anybody attempted Dales Lees coming from the voe end at all? Just wondering whether to take the car home tonight or leave it and get the bus...
  19. Just came back from Lerwick to Dale. Roads probably worse in town than anywhere else!! Not too bad otherwise - or at least not as bad as I was expecting. A few fences down up near the Kames and a good amount of police tape out so people have obviously been sliding about, but as long as you're sensible it should be ok
  20. I think you may be right - I'm certainly feeling rather daft in my lack of preparation. Having lived next door to Europe's largest rocksalt mine, previously being in a very flat area (and I don't think I've ever seen so much snow actually) I reckon I've always been a bit sheltered from bad weather! I have to admit this year has come as a bit of a surprise to me - I always thought my little car was quite good in snow until I tried to drive it up the slight incline of my drive getting here, and then I realised it probably wasn't! Ah well, lesson learnt, I'll be heading off for some new tyres as soon as I can get the car out again!
  21. Next question - (I get the feeling I'm going to post a fair bit in here 'til I get the hang of where everything is!). Having got the car stuck twice now I'm thinking maybe I need some winter tyres. Question is, 1) is it worth me bothering now, or should I just soldier on and be prepared next year? and 2) whereabouts is best to go for that kind of thing? Have to admit I'd not really heard of the existence of such a thing, or even considered needing them before I got up here, so I'm not sure what I'd be looking for or how much I'd be looking to pay for the things either!
  22. Have just moved up and as the dog has been gleefully eating all the sheep/rabbit/whatever else poop he can find on his walks (delightful creature!) I reckon I ought to get him to a vet to get him wormed etc fairly soon. Not sure which one to register with though - it makes very little difference if I go the westside or lerwick ones, so was just wondering if anyone could recommend either of them, or if they're much of a muchness? (***Mod Edit - Moved to Consumer Advice & Resources***)
  23. Kev, Ironically, so far I've been offered one three bedroomed house and no one bedrooms! I'm not going to panic yet though! Hope your move goes smoothly! Boz
  24. Hi all, Thought I'd just pop in and introduce myself. I've been popping back and forth to Shetland for the last three and a bit years doing research, but as of this January I'll be starting a new job and moving up permanently (can't wait!) So at the moment you'll probably find me staking out all the classified ads and posting increasingly desperate messages in the property section as I try and find somewhere to live!! Boz
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