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  1. It is often the case with sexual abuse, that the perpetrators never face justice. Many many people have experienced abuse during their childhood, and do not have the vocabulary to describe what is happening to them at the time it is taking place. In many cases, children only become aware during sex education inadolescense that what was happening to them was wrong, and by then it is often too late to obtain "forensic evidence" as the abuse was historic. Our legal system makes it extremely difficult to convict the perpetrators, if there is no forensic evidence (bodily fluids present). This does not mean that the abuse did not take place, nor that the police have not believed the allegations, it is rare that anyone makes up such a story, its just a sad reality that we as a society fail to recognise that just because a person has not admitted that they have abused someone (criminals rarely commit crimes in broad daylight with witnesses!), or by the time the person disclosed the abuse evidence is no longer available - this does not mean that it didnt happen. In the case of Jimmy saville, it is apparent that he was indeed a predatory paedophile, who used his power and status to control, manipulate and abuse so many people. It is with attitudes of doubt that we become part of the problem for survivors of sexual abuse, i urge everyone to be part of the solution - If you suspect a child or young person has or is experiencing abuse, or you are an adult survivor, tell someone, get support, remember support is empowerment.
  2. It'ss down in Sanick, as you come into Sandwick from lerwick, turn left at the crossroads then 50 yards take the junction on the right, follow the road down and turn in at the kirk, there are green signs leading the way
  3. Hi everyone Just a quick note to let aabody keen that Anne will be away for a couple of days. She still has lots o bonny plants, and ive heard she is havin a sale in late july...... Im a biased neighbour, but as a keen gardener, she really does have the best selection and prices in Shetland. She will re open on Friday usual time 2-5pm Suzi
  4. Hi everyone Just to let you know that we will be at Lochside (wherever we can park) on Sunday 3rd June 2012 from midday, serving usual chip suppers, Hope to see you there, Jack
  5. Im so vexxed you travelled down and were disappointed, its unusual for her not to be there, maybe she was ill? i keen dat shes practically dare fae dawn ta dusk most days, so der must be a good reason why she wasnt there, hope you pop down again - hmm unless she was taking part in the relay for life???? There really is a great selection o plants and all are very reasonably priced. Better luck next visit, Suzi
  6. Just shopped at Annes plants at Sanick, Sandwick. There is a fantastic range of flooers, at prices cheap as chips. My garden is in full bloom and looking great - Annes is open weekdays from 2pm and saturdays from 11am, go for a look you wont be dissapointed..... just follow the signs down to the kirk and turn in. Suzi
  7. Hi The codfather will not be in virkie tonight, but we are hoping to be on Thursday night instead - if parcel force have our tyre here by then, unfortunately we couldnt source one locally, Many apologies for inconvenience Suzi n Jack
  8. The codfather will be in horseshoe close virkie tuesday 24th April between 5pm and 7pm serving the usual chip suppers, apologies if this ad causes offence - i have tried to put it on events but cant seem to get it to work for some reason...... Look forward to seeing you tommorow Suzi and jack
  9. Thanks to all who support us, its so kind of you. We do have a timetable on our menu, We are getting copies of this next week (hopefully by tuesday) and will be sending these around the local areas we visit. Just for your info though, we are in Virkie Tuesdays between 5-7pm (horseshoe close), Beside Cuningsburgh shop on Thursdays 5-7pm and Sandwick central -at next to the nursery at the xroads, on Fridays between 5-7pm. Will post on events calender for next week, and we are considering having a facebook page - my goodness, i am coming out of the dark ages and embracing technology - its a miracle ha ha Cheers Suzi
  10. Hi Everyone, In response to the comments regarding us advertising on shetlink forums, we are sorry if we have caused any offence/wrongdoing - In future we will only advertise our dates in the events guide on Shetlink In response to travelling further afield ie vidlin walls etc, we are considering these routes and would welcome feedback on possible locations to park our wee van Thanks for all comments we value all feedback, good and bad. Jack and Suzi
  11. Hi everyone, The Codfather will be in Sandwick on Friday 30th March between 5pm and 7pm serving the usual chip suppers. We now serve smoked sausage suppers, Hope to see you there, Suzi n Jack
  12. Hi everyone Just to confirm that the Codfather mobile chippy will be outside the cunningsburgh shop between 5pm and 7pm tonight, New addition to menu - smoked sausages Hope to see you there Suzi n Jack
  13. Hi everyone Just to confirm we are back in Virkie on Tuesday 27th March between 5-7pm at Horseshoe close. No fires planned this week (ha ha) our hearts couldnt take the fright, hope to see you there, Jack and Suzi
  14. Hi everyone, The Codfather will be returning to Virkie on Tuesday 27th March, at Horseshoe Close, between 5pm and 7pm. We had hoped to come down on Saturday 24th, but as a result of the recent fire, we are using our time at the weekend to complete the repairs, and make modifications to the ventillation system, which was the cause of the fire last Tuesday night. Many apologies for any inconvenience caused, See you Tuesday Best wishes Suzi and Jack
  15. Due to a technical failure (fire) we have had to abandon the chippy in Virkie tonight, thankfully no permanent damage, so we are hoping to reschedule for saturday night instead, if we have not collapsed with heart failure following tonights episode. Cunningsburgh tommorow night and Sandwick on Friday evening as usual Many many apologies for inconvenience caused Best wishes Suzi Jack and the codfather
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