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  1. Lets see your proof of that......
  2. In my view, council cuts are a direct response to their own budget allocation that they receive from the Scottish govt. Perhaps if the Scottish govt. weren't underspending to the tune of £350,000,000+ per annum then schools such as Scalloway JH and the Skerries school, the govt. could keep those 2 schools alone, open (at the quoted annual cost of £240,000 per year, keeping the Scalloway JH school as it was , open) for another 729 years.....Of course, that number would be a lot smaller if all the schools closed under this govt's were taken into account. Anyway, just saying....
  3. I think it was an old US Navy Submarine skipper who was talking to a US Navy pilot about his concerns about being aboard a submarine for the first time, who said 'Son, don't worry. There are more planes in the sea than submarines in the sky'
  4. Mine is still playing up. Dare I give BT a call.......
  5. D/L speed is fine, it's the ping that's all over the shop in Scalloway. Varies between 60ms up to 300+
  6. I was just wondering why my internet had just gone bad.....Then I remembered that they're livestreaming Transvestite Tuesday....
  7. Glad he's gone. The man was a moron of the highest order.
  8. Yeah, I'm a BT customer. I got 2 recorded messages about ppi and rather than hanging up I took the 30 seconds to listen to it then opt out. Minutes after I'd opted out of the first call the phone rang again and it was another recorded message and again I opted out of any more calls then right after that I got the scam fella. I did a little bit of research and the numer is Iranian in origin. Seems that as soon as you opt out from one nuicance caller you just get passed on to another one.
  9. I had a fella from 'Microsoft' earlier on tonight and he started telling me I had a problem with my computer and he needed me to....Before I cut him off and told him to *insert inappropriate language here* and then I hung up. Seconds later the phone rang again, the same Indian/Asian sounding fella as before but this time he was threatening to lock my computer, he was met with the same verbal volley that he got the 1st time and I hung up. Anyway, this is the number: 0018182391445
  10. Yeah I was looking into selling my Theoben on Gunstar and at the same time I was checking prices for postage, I was quoted £28 at the post office.....
  11. If you did manage to build your own Air Rifle or Air Pistol then you would have to check it's power level, adjust it to be within the legal 12 ft/lbs limit and probably have it checked by a registered firearm's dealer and possibly even the Police. That's a bit of a grey area I'd say, never mind the fact that while not impossible, building your own Air Rifle from scratch would be an absolute nightmare for anyone without the knowhow or the many thousands of pounds worth of machinery that you'd need to machine all the metal parts. Some people HAVE done it, a fella in Sweden made a one-off single stroke pneumatic gun and now he's selling them worldwide for around £700+
  12. This is what happened! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLZUKqpXYzU
  13. And always close windows that pop up from your taskbar (right click - close or ALT + F4) because with some popup's when you hit the x on the window that's just the same as saying 'ok! fill my computer with sh!te'.
  14. The big problem with air guns is that most do not have serial numbers unlike ''real'' rifles and shotguns.So how will they be registered ? Nearly all Ariguns from the 80's onwards have serial numbers unique to their own manufacturer. Normally they're found under the breech end of the barrel, the breech block or on the end of the cylinder housing.
  15. Yeah mine was pretty much as normal at 7am this morning, came home just after 5 and it's as bad as it was yesterday.
  16. Great. What's the problem this time? Or rather, which fishing boat has dragged up the cable - again?
  17. The lack of intervention from the Western powers was and still is shameful. The problem is that Russia in terms of millitary power are on a par with America and it would take a global effort to beat them in any kind of conflict, in other words, World war Three.....And NOBODY wants that. The truth is, there wasn't much NATO or any Western nation could do without getting involved in a millitary stand-off or engagement of some kind. A wounded Bear is far more dangerous than a well-fed Bear.
  18. I've just read the thread in question and to be pretty damned honest, that's some pretty tame stuff compared to what you'll see on other forums. A little bit of Troll lives in all of us. When you respond to a Troll then you yourself, are counter-Trolling.
  19. I agree. How can anyone be so dimwitted to make a statement like that? It's easy for some to sit here on Shetlink and snipe at people in a cowardly fashion from thousands of miles away while at the same time hiding behind a pseudonym. I doubt that Sukibind him/herself has the ability to find his/her way out of a harbour, let alone get half way around the planet....Solo.
  20. Maybe try blaming the major Scottish building company who are running the job, not the local company who are sub-contracted in to do the work....
  21. I doubt that a GAT gun has the power to penetrate the human eye, you cuold fire those things and catch the pellet before it hit the ground Yep, so long as no pellet leaves the garden perimiter and you have a suitable backstop then you're not breaking any law as far as I'm aware. I was gonna put up a pic of a fired and unfired .22 pellet which I dug out of my backstop but I can't figure out how to add attachments on this site..Maybe you have to upload elsewhere and transfer it here?? On that note, handy tip for a good garden backstop. Cereal packet's are a rather snug fit for most catalogue's (especially the Special K packets) Put the said catalogue into cereal packet and away you go. I've been doing that for years and I've never had a bounce-back.
  22. What is this image Peat, does it contribute to the debate, or is it just gratuitous porn, decoration, or what? I can't make head nor tail of it, without reference to scale and/or location its meaningless. I'm not being picky here but to me that looks photoshopped. There are no rifling marks on the head or skirt of the pellet. If it's real I very much hope the victim made a full recovery.
  23. Most likely, current FAC holders will be able to register their airguns on the FAC they currently hold. Anyway peat, what's with the sarcasm? From what I've seen of you here you rarely pass up a chance to get an argument going....
  24. Anyone else play this? Thoughts on the game?
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