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  1. Not in town but the Scalloway hotel gets a nod from me.
  2. £100 for a new airgun.....0.o I must have been well ripped off then! Mine was £450 for the airgun alone, never mind the sights and other bits and bobs....Just goes to show how ill-informed they are. Any shooter worth his or her salt wouldn't look twice at a brand new air rifle with a £100 price tag. My own personal reaction would be to wonder what's wrong with it then politely decline any offer I'd been made for it.
  3. Many years ago now my Grand uncle, Andy Irvine offered the council enough land (for free) to put a 2 lane road around the back of the lochs so that the current valley road was left to the crofters up and down the valley for moving livestock and machinery without the fear of causing an accident or holding up traffic in the valley. They turned him down as I understand.
  4. I was with Wanadoo (going back a few years now!) and I never had a single problem with them. Little or no downtme, £15 a month for totally unlimited downloads....Then....Orange took them over and things soon turned sour. They changed the package that I was on from unlimited to 10gb per month without informing me (they sent the new T&C's email to the new Orange email address which they also never told me about). So being blissfully unaware of what was happening, I just carried on as I was before then one day I got a letter from Orange saying that my bandwidth is going to be capped at .25mb. I called them right away and told them of the problem but there was no sympathy from them at all so like yourself, I requested my MAC code and the tune changed. I asked if my old bandwidth would be re-instated and their answer was no, because my cap would be in place for up to six months or up to such a time where my useage had gone down to a sustained level where they would consider putting it back up (pretty dumb thing to tell a fella who'd just put in a MAC code request). Right after that I told them in no uncertain terms that I wanted that MAC code asap.
  5. It's so bad I can't even run the speedchecker....Scalloway.
  6. The first ever true sniper rifles were air rifles, they were used in the American war of independence. That's how the story of the 'Minutemen' began.
  7. The short and sweet version of the law is that air rifles and air pistols are both classed as air weapons unless they're over the legal power limit. 12ft/lbs for air rifles and 6ft/lbs for air pistols. If your air weapon is over the said power levels then you require a firearms certificate.
  8. Background checks before the aigun is handed over the counter, face to face sales only. As it is now if you're buying an airgun from an RFD you have to collect it from him/her in person but the laws regarding second-hand sales are a lot more relaxed. I could buy one off Gunstar right now and probably have it here on Tuesday via the Royal Mail/courier service with NO checks on any criminal activity on my part.
  9. Well that's the problem with the proposed licensing scheme. It's not going to prevent criminals getting their hands on air guns, or any other type of weapon. It's not like once the scheme is in place, that every low life who owns an airgun or air pistol is going to head down to the nearest cop shop and ask for an air gun license application. It's going to be a massive waste of time, money and police time. Say if there are 250,000 fresh airgun applications on te first day of the scheme being brought in....That's going to take months before the police clear their feet of all applications then 5 or 10 years later when the airgun owners apply for a renewal it'll happen all over again. The whole idea is madness. What the powers that be should be concentrating on is making it harder to purchase an airgun in the first place, rather than penalising the good, law abiding airgun owners by forcing them to fork out for a pointless license.
  10. No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it A pen pal from the U.S. put a few links of them my way, her cousin is the male singer, John Paul White in the band.
  11. ^^ Yeah good job Lerwick up helly aa...It's nothing more than an inconveniance to the rest of the islands in more ways than I care to go into. Been trying to download a program that would normally take no longer that 10-15mins. THREE HOURS later it's still not finished.
  12. I've been listening to a lot of these two lately, brilliant voices and they're in perfect harmony together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ad0AAtveWM Full concert from New Orleans.
  13. Biased I think you'll find that the argument on both sides is quite biased. We, the (air)gun owners don't want licensing, while the high powered suits do. What I'm alarmed at is the lengths that the powers that be will go to as a means of getting their way. Most of the argument from the airgun owners side (that I've seen) has been quite level headed and has been put forward with a good helping of common sense.
  14. And also, as long as we employ them there will still be piles of builders waste appearing at random throughout the isles.
  15. Because the people who committed those offences got their handguns 'off ticket' and they aren't the type of person to own a gun by the rulebook. Also, at the same time they would be the kind of person who would positively avoid a police station, not walk into the front desk and ask for a firearms certificate app. + the UK customs, while they try to stop the supply of illegal arms into the UK from eastern Europe, they have a near impossible job on their hands. If and when the licensing scheme comes in, the other field sports had better watch their backs, fishing etc because if and when this goes through, the green lobbyists will be going hell for leather after them. There was a video on this subject by the BASC on youtube, bear in mind that there were no clips of shooting ANYTHING in that video, the amount of animal rights people spouting nothing but pure bile and hatred was unbelivable. Comments such as "I hope you and your family die in a fire" resulted in not only the comments section being disabled on thad video but also the video being taken down.
  16. Wether we like it or not, Mckaskill is railroading it through regardless. And he has the full backing of the govt. Remember, this is the same man who released Al Megrahi despite legal and economic pressure from the U.S. citing that he only had weeks to live as the reasoning for his release. Did he offer his victims on Pan Am 103 any pity? The man should have been sent to the gallows for what he did. A typewriter is more dangerous in the hands of a fool than any weapon.
  17. I'd like to know why Chick Brodie was allowed to sit in on those proceedings AND, does he have any say on the final outcome? If his brother or sister was in the dock in court for any kind of offence then he wouldn't be allowed to sit on the jury. Same difference at that hearing. I'm an Airgun owner and while I can see the need for tighter airgun controls, I can see a full licensing scheme decending into complete farce. Sure, responsible airgun owners like myself will apply for and hopefully obtain airgun licenses....But what about all the drugged up, drunk, jobless neds in the city centers? Are THEY going to jump on the law-abiding bandwagon and apply for their airgun licenses? It's them who are doing the damage to our passtimes, hobbies and sports, not us. The death of the wee toddler was absolutely tragic and the man who did it was a lunatic who shouldn't have had access to a weapon of any kind but 'punishing' a whole community in relation to isolated incidents like that one is simply wrong. A much fairer outcome would be to find out which person or which gun dealer sold him the airgun, prosecute the previous owner where plausible and/or revoke the gun dealer's licence to sell arms rather than blanket-bomb a whole community. I use my air rifle for pest control on the local farms around Scalloway, Asta and Tingwall. What's going to happen to those crops when the Rabbit population is again out of control if myself and others who own airguns, don't obtain airgun licenses? Why don't we just release Polecat's into the wild again....That was a huge success the last time, or maybe Mr. McKaskill might like to engage in a bit of Rambo style Rabbit hunting, running through the heather bare chested armed with.....A rolling pin or something. Maybe that last wee bit sounded stupid, I'll leave sounding stupid up to the politicians in the future. o/
  18. It may be fixed but it ain't working correctly for sure , my pings this afternoon are up to 2400 m/s and download speeds of a pathetic 0.14 Mbps . Maybe someone somewhere at BT needs to turn a switch on ? Online gaming , Skype etc are impossible , turning into a ******* joke this supposed service (Not yours Marvin , BT's). Yep....same here. Ping is hovering at around 600ms with a 1mb download speed. It was fine up until around 1pm and it's been awful since.
  19. Have you had enough of the Chinese food now? Maybe you just had a bad one....It's been quiet on this thread for a while now
  20. Good luck to you Jake, from what I've seen you're a bright young man. All the best to you!
  21. I have no complaints at all. Selfish it may well be, but I love it. I love watching them, shame it was all on at night! If being startled one or two night's out of a year is the price we have to pay for our freedom then I'm all for it.
  22. Maybe I'm just being bitter and synical here but can't the council lobby the govt. to ban all Smyril shipping from entering Shetland/UK waters until they've paid back the money that the SIC gave them?
  23. I wonder what the Lynx was doing there?
  24. Yeah why doesn't the whole world just watch it online and see if they can TOTALLY screw up our fragile at the best of times internet.
  25. Another link-bomb Joannie.......Try dropping them where they're wanted mate
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