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  1. Blimey!! How old are you? lol! I'm 32, I had it when I was in my late teens, early twenties
  2. Thanks you guys! Very helpful! Just as a matter of interest, I have my heart set on a Theoben Evolution (legal limit version). Any thoughts on it? I had a weihrauch HW 90 years ago and I liked the theoben gas ram system that was fitted to it as standard hence the reason why I'm thinking of getting the Evolution.
  3. I'm thinking about buying an air rifle off the internet to take up hunting/target shooting again but I'm not too sure of the laws concerning this. Is it right that I'd have to have it delivered to a registered gun supplier such as the Rod & Line or Cee & Jay's? In that case does anyone know what they would charge for commission? Or can I have it delivered right to my door?
  4. because they haven't finished sucking up Iraq's oil yet??
  5. I signed it but sadly I don't think it will make the slightest bit of diffrence The only way that they'll overturn the case is to convince to Iranians turn it into a PR exercise, to show the rest of the world that maybe they aint so bad after all. And besides, how many others are exectuted by public hanging, beheading and stoning in the middle east each year?
  6. Idon't know if the ISP's actually physically check the maximum speed your line is capable of. I'm with Orange (who i'll be leaving very soon because of a number of issues) and they recon that my line only supports 1meg, when i'm getting the full 8.
  7. gafynandrew


    and it was supposedly the best nightclub in britain.....methinks mr. Hepburn must have paid whoever was doing the surveys...lol i hate the place. smelly little sweatbox.
  8. http://www.amazon.co.uk/BenQ-G2420HD-Widescreen-Monitor-1080p/dp/B002M1FH2Q/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1279344951&sr=1-2 that's a brilliant monitor, it scored well in tests against some monitors in the £1000 price range (almost 10x it's own price)
  9. lol....i cant believe this thread is still rumbling on....
  10. "I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters." - Frank LLoyd Wright.
  11. i saw an RAF tornado over scalloway the other night. love watching them fly
  12. Recently I ordered a 1 litre, stainless steel mixing jug for £6.69 from an amazon shop (the name is Rajanis) which I bought it with one click. When I checked my emails a short time later, I read the order conformation.....it said the total order price was £26.69. 'Da cheeky peerie trow' had tried to sting me for £20.00 postage on an item that would hardly have been 300g in weight purely on account of me living in (quote) "The far northern isles of Britain"....He actually tried to justify trying to rip me off in reply to my complaint. I cancelled the order immediately so I never had to shell out for his ridiculous shipping rates. Has anyone else had any bother with this sort of thing? It'd be interesting to know how many people have been ripped off in this way.
  13. Some time ago I had a mobile phone that I bought in Aberdeen direct from a vodafone shop for £90. I was in the camera centre having a look around and I saw the same phone as my one on sale for £140. I've not set foot in that door since then. It may well be the case that their prices are better now but it'll be a while before I go back there again.
  14. The new council offices are already under construction at the north ness in town.
  15. You've got to admire Emile Heskey..... He had a disasterous world cup, he came home, put on a frock, and won the women's title at Wimbledon.....lol
  16. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=dc0_1268023249 and.... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=a3a_1278025614 i fell off my chair laughing
  17. I'm not so sure it was a good thing frankie boyle leaving, they're still trying to replace him, sadly that means the likes of that numpty, jack wittenhall or whatever his name is gets more air time....and Andy Parsons.....he's not much above Harry Hilll in my estimation lol But Milton Jones cracks me up too his one-liners are priceless I'd like to see Reginald D Hunter on it
  18. Does anyone else think it's near unwatchable since Frankie Boyle left??
  19. Crikey! there's a whole open park to the west of the school....extend the site!...nothing's impossible. Does anyone know the full running costs of Scalloway and the Anderson schools per year? It'd be interesting to find out just how much money is being spent on the Anderson in comparison to Scalloway what with Scalloway being the younger and more modern building.....
  20. I couldn't agree more! If the council is so concerned about saving money, then why did it waste untold MILLIONS on white elephant projects like the Bressay bridge, the Mareel, Smyril line, and arguably the museum. The answer to me is glaringly simple. Extend the Scalloway school (there's a lot of space available....on site, unlike Lerwick) and have the new 'super high-school' in Scalloway. Maybe that's just a bit too much like common sense... Why does the new school HAVE to be in Lerwick?? Or is it just a case of Sandy Clueless O.B.E. (one boiled egg) wanting to leave another of his lavish marks upon the lerwick landscape.....
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