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  1. Anyone else fed up of seeing idiots that think the greatest thing in life is to drive along the seafront AKA the pier every single day with they're "modified cars" The use of offensive stickers, spoilers borrowed from British Airways, clear tail-lights that give you a headache and practical rims that cost more than the car are all well implemented by these guys. As all boy racers are aware, such modifications make a car not only cool but endlessly faster. I think most boy racers obtain this valuable information from such reliable sources as their mates. The thing that really gets me is the unnecessary noise they make as they take on the Tesco roundabout at 30mph! *sigh*
  2. http://www.speedtest.net/result/2288396081.png The speed is like this between the hours of 5pm and midnight. Anyone else experiencing similar speeds ? Which internet provider are you all with ?
  3. I have noticed users re advertising the same add several times within the one month!!!! Isn't this against Shetlink policy?? :@
  4. What is so god damn dreadful about the AHS ?? I went there for Five years. It was and STILL is a superb school.
  5. Its snowing heavily in town at the moment, roads are slippery, be careful everyone. The situation tomorow should be interesting.
  6. yeh i heard vidlin is quite bad atm, according to bbc its gnna be raining later on tonight..any thoughts on this ??
  7. how long has it been since shetland has had a parking warden ?
  8. anybody have any info about that bus that went off the road in scalloway ? hope everyone is ok
  9. its just getting worse and worse at the moment
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