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  1. What about Mary and George? Any news?
  2. Sorry but I lost your number. Any other way to get in touch?
  3. Great! get in touch soonest.A lot of catching up to do.
  4. Will Frida and Lucy come along this time?
  5. Any idea of when you expect to return again?
  6. Saw him last night and would like to know if anyone has any info as to where he will stay this time?
  7. Glad you were at home for Easter. I was away myself and wondering when you expect the next trip? Maybe we can get together for a pint?
  8. Glad you made it back. Expect I´ll be over late Monday for a visit.
  9. Great news! When can we meet up after Christmas?
  10. We are first cousins so yes we do have a bit in common but that rules out the mirror theory. No I do not agree with all that you posted but am a man of peace and refuse to argue on these forums. We do agree that the thread is interesting.
  11. Like 81.859.000 other people! what has nationality to do with it? As far as "charismatic" goes if you had ever meet him and seen him in action you would also say the same. Regarding the rest of your post, I could not possibly comment.
  12. Big Mouth indeed. Just saw your post as I have been away in lands far to the south of Shetland. Am thinking of delegating some of the authority if you know what i mean. Anyone else agree? This thread is truly entertaining. "Awesome" even. Some nameless, faceless fellow occasionally types "I'm back" on here, and (presumably) grown men argue, harangue, admire and (kind of) affectionately abuse him and his acolyte in a verbal fashion. Other than that, absolutely NOTHING happens. For THREE WHOLE YEARS. This guy should be on the Council!! I mean, what and whose "authority" can he delegate? Her Royal Maj? The big G?? His own??? I think we can agree that it is very interesting. According to Max Weber there are 3 kinds of authority, Rational-legal authority,Traditional authority and Charismatic authority. I would say he builds his on Charismatic authority.
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