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  1. if you are just interested in Lerwick coverage then there is a T-Mobile / 3 transmitter at the ward of Bressay that will cover that area. There are another two on the Isles. Cheers.
  2. Was 2-0 to Whitedale at half time, 4-0 by the time I came off, 15mins after half time, not heard the full time scre yet. Yell had a fairly young team out, good potential for the future im sure...
  3. The digital transmission from Bressay is provided by Arqiva (they also look after analogue ITV and Ch4). They are keeping their equipment (20+ years old) including the rural sites ticking over until they upgrade all their sites. According to this link it will happen in 2010. http://www.arqiva.com/server.php?show=nav.6221
  4. I remember Chazzy's goal! Classic. All you could do was laugh!
  5. I'd like to see the big man - Dennis Chambers, he'd funk up da Garrison
  6. Why not him too!!? If he can get Thomas Lang? I'll have to dig out that old Rush albums, you've inspired me!
  7. From what I hear an appearance from Chad is not all that unlikely. He's mates with Steve White who Russell now has strong connections with! 8O
  8. Awesome!! I was impressed with the double stroke rolls - speeding up and slowing down with the hands then doing the opposite with his feet at the same time! By the sounds of it he won't be the last world class drummer to come to Shetland.
  9. I know, it's been a terrible accident, best wishes to the families involved. But by all reports it might not have happened had the police not been there, but I suppose a lot of circumstances go together to create a bad accident like this...
  10. Where are you getting this info from? Any figures here? Sources from within my boy. Facts. Catch bought the business when, we have to assume, it was making money, otherwise why the hell would you invest in it? Then, after a very short time, it is making huge losses and they blame it all on the price of salmon.........eh? It's a poor deal for a rural area where jobs are scarce I agree with you entirely, it's a shambles and there's definetly more to it, however you're claim that new managers were brought in is incorrect. The new management that took over from Dave & Debbie Hammond had been employees of smokehouse/catch for two years previous, to suggest that tham coming in on increased wages is nothing more that hearsay.
  11. Where are you getting this info from? Any figures here?
  12. Congratulations Sakchai! And well done to everyone associated with the campaign, you're a credit to yourselves and to Shetland (especially you Davy)!
  13. Radarman


    They were mentioned earlier, unless youre on about somebody else??!
  14. Radarman


    'Currently' - Stuart and Shane Jamieson of Spurs. Maybe Harry and Stuart too, don't know.
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