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  1. Thank you very much for all that info. I'm afraid I'm not very savvy as to what all that means but i'll show it my daughter when she comes in. She'll understand what you mean. It is only her phone every other item requiring Wi-Fi is fine. Thanks again.
  2. Our daughter is home and finding her IPhone is not receiving a Wi-Fi signal. This has never happened before and all other devices in the house are. She's receiving a signal everywhere else. Does anybody know what the problem could be and how to solve it. Thanks.
  3. Thanks everyone for your replies. I usually do buy from Geordie Robertson's but this time there was a choice of 1 for the size I needed. I phoned John Lewis today as I still couldn't get the order processed online and the girl did it over the phone.
  4. Ok. Thanks for that. I'll try again today. It just wouldn't let me progress any further once I put the address and postcode in.
  5. Does anybody know if John Lewis still deliver to Shetland. I was under the impression they did but have just tried to order a fridge. It came up with order unavailable to your delivery address or may be out of stock. I tried 3 different models and it came up with the same message so I assume it is the delivery address that is the problem. Anybody know if they no longer deliver to Shetland? Thanks.
  6. Does anybody know a free and easy way to convert a PDF document to a word document that can be edited. Thanks in advance.
  7. The Tollclock and Scoop have them.
  8. Thanks for that. No I don't see the chilli ones online. Some of the other ones you have to buy four or five packs. I only want a pack.now and again. I just thought some of the local shops might have stocked them. Might email them and see if they have any stockists in Shetland apart from going to Unst.
  9. Does anybody know where on the mainland I can buy Skibhoull Chilli Oatcakes. Got some at the Food Fair and wanted to get some more. Thanks
  10. ng7627

    Yoga or Pilates

    Splendid thanks. Is that in Lerwick?
  11. ng7627

    Yoga or Pilates

    Just wondering if anyone will be doing the above classes this year. Interested in a beginners session. Thanks.
  12. Definitely going for a freesat box. Any recommendations
  13. Thanks everybody for your replies. Think might go for a freesat box to use with the sky dish. We have a fairly basic contract with Sky which started off at £27 and slowly increased. Has gone from £38 to £45 in the last month. The
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