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  1. Does anybody know if John Lewis still deliver to Shetland. I was under the impression they did but have just tried to order a fridge. It came up with order unavailable to your delivery address or may be out of stock. I tried 3 different models and it came up with the same message so I assume it is the delivery address that is the problem. Anybody know if they no longer deliver to Shetland? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for that. No I don't see the chilli ones online. Some of the other ones you have to buy four or five packs. I only want a pack.now and again. I just thought some of the local shops might have stocked them. Might email them and see if they have any stockists in Shetland apart from going to Unst.

  3. Just wondering if anybody is able to use a Freeview box in Vidlin successfully.  We have Sky at the moment as it is the only way we could get a picture on the television but the costs are rocketing and have just gone up again.  Was considering changing to Freeview but unsure if it would work.  Thanks.

  4. Staying overnight at Glasgow airport at the end of the month prior to an early flight. Looking for recommendations on places to have a decent evening meal. Only getting into Glasgow at 6.30 so don't want to trek around Glasgow centre looking for are to eat with 4 suitcases. Thanks in advance.

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