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  1. Does anybody know if the above cafe is still open. If so,how do you get to it and when does it open for the summer? Also what kind of food does it serve? Thanks
  2. Does anybody know who to contact to repair a garage door. The wire on our 'up and over' door has snapped. Not sure who would do this sort of thing here.
  3. Windows 8. This is a relatively recent thing though
  4. Looking for a bit of advice. Have Mozilla Thunderbird for emails and a couple of months ago my emails stopped downloading and it came up wit Mozilla Thunderbird (not responding) at the top of the page. I spoke to someone in the know who said that there had been problems noted with Thunderbird updates not being compatible with Avast Anti-virus. I deleted Avast and uploaded AVG and I started to get my emails again albeit a bit slow. Now they are taking absolutely ages to come in and it is coming up with messages at the bottom like downloading 3 of 28 one minute then 6 of 15 another minute. Not sure what the problem is. Can anyone help. I can get them accessed remotely no problem.
  5. Does anyone know who delivers for DPD in Shetland?
  6. Anybody got any recommenmdations for a reasonably priced B and B in Aberdeen for a single traveller?
  7. Does anybody have any recommendations for mobile phone insurance? Thinking to get my daughter a smartphone for Christmas and terrified something will happen to it!!
  8. Has anyone had any experience of phobias being treated succesfully in Shetland either by CBT or Hypnotherapy?
  9. The Shetland news website does exactly the same and has done for some time now. I agree that there is no neeed for the full expletive. We all can work out exactly what was said with a few asterix taking place of some of the letters. You here these words everywhere now and it is just becoming part of everyday language. You can't even go out for a quiet meal in a local restuarant nowadays without having to listen to it at the next table. Lots of people find it offensive especially of the older generation and the last time I looked at a tabloid newspaper, even they had most of the letters blanked out. You could still work out what had been said without seeing the full words in print. It seems to me that local standards are slipping.
  10. I totally agree about the printing of the c word and also the f word.I was a bit surprised a while ago to see Shetland news printing the f word. You hear these words the whole time now and it makes me cringe every time I hear them. I was brought up in a generation where you never used words like that. I really don't want to see them in print and I'm sure many will find it offensive.
  11. What about Sean Fillingham - based in Brae I think
  12. Been no 02 signal in Vidlin for 2 days now.
  13. Thanks for your replies but I delete rubbish all the time both from my inbox and then my deleted file so I don't think they are full. Really strange though I have just received one from her for the first time in a couple of weeks in spite of her assuring me she's sent ones previously. We're with Shetland Broadband as our provider.
  14. Does anybody know why I would suddenly be unable to receive emails from a certain email address(my daughter)? Last one received was 25th February and she has replied to a few of mines since but they haven't come in.
  15. Thanks for that. Will have a look.I think £325 for a weekend in Unst is a bit steep.
  16. Thanks for that. Just had a look at their website and for a couple for 3 nights in March they are charging £325. Would prefer something a bit cheaper than that if anybody knows of anywhere else.
  17. Just wondering if anybody knows of any dog-friendly self catering accommodation in Unst? Looking to go up for the weekend.
  18. Well after all that it turns out there was a fault with the laptop. My daughter now has a replacement after a 30 mile round trip to get to a shop that stocks the same model. Bit annoying that we have had all that trouble with a brand new product.
  19. Thanks everybody for yor replies. We have decided to take it back to a Curry's store. It is brand new and shouldn't really have that problem. It's funny it works when she logs on and then stops working which makes me think it is something to do with the windows but I may be wrong. Anyway never had this problem wi a laptop before and seems strange as the laptop is new.
  20. My daughter has just got a new laptop. The touchpad works when she logs in but doesn't after that. Anybody know what the problem is and how to resolve it. It is a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 or 8.1 I think.
  21. My daughter has just got a new laptop. The touchpad works when she logs in but doesn't after that. Anybody know waht the problem is and how to resolve it. It is a Toshiba laptop with Windows 8 or 8.1 I think.
  22. ng7627


    Looking to buy a new laptop. Any recommendations on what make to buy? My daughter and I have both had Acers and had a lot of problems with them.
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