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  1. Thanks everybody for your tips.
  2. Heading off to Berlin shortly. Any recommendations for places to eat out?
  3. ng7627


    Does anybody know how you get Ikea stuff here? Think someone once told me that you paid for a pallet but I can't remember who brings it up or how much it costs.
  4. Wonder what would happen if you go abroad and try to use a UK issued passport when you come from an independent Scotland ?
  5. I was wondering about passports and driving licences too. Will we have to renew both with the issuing authority being Scotland? Will we have to pay for that? It costs £70 to renew a passport x 2 or 3 members of a family - adds up to a fair bit and driving licences as well!!
  6. Thanks for that. It's a carpet cleaner. Made the mistake of forgetting to change the delivery address. Need to take it south for a house we need to clean and wasn't sure it would arrive before we left so was intending to have it delivered to a neighbour. Was just wondering who the Couriers were so I could contact them if it hadn't arrived as I know they are often stored there till the company is making a delivery in our area.
  7. Does anybody know who delivers for Amazon in Shetland?
  8. Thanks for that. Will have a look at it later.
  9. I have Mozilla Thunderbird and Windows 8 on my laptop. Over the last 3 months I have had difficulty deleting e-mails from my inbox once read. They take absolutely ages to go. Once they are in the deleted box and I permanently delete them they go immediately. Can anyone help with this as it is very annoying when you are waiting for a dozen e-mails to go!!
  10. I am led to believe that it wasn't only the education staff working Easter Monday who got triple time but all staff working in Care Homes and Care in the Community. It would be very interesting to know what the total wages bill for all council staff working that day amounted to. I'm not saying people working a Public Holiday shouldn't be paid more but triple time???? I have never heard of the like and I know the NHS certainly doesn't pay triple time- maybe time and two thirds for working a public holiday. With all the austerity cuts, it's no wonder folk are up in arms with the seemingly injustice of it all.
  11. Does anybody know if Filsket Riding Club is still in operation and if so do they have a contact number/email? Thanks
  12. Does anybody have any ideas for activities for a13 year old girl either after school or at a weekend. Was thinking along the lines of some kind of sport perhaps hockey but was wondering just what else was available. We live in the North Mainland but would travel to Lerwick. Thank you.
  13. I see the Globe is now closing on 18th February and not the 29th March
  14. I had a parcel picked up by DPD and it is Streamline. Saying that it wasn't picked up on the day it was supposed to be picked up but 3 days later
  15. Thanks everybody for your replies. Our circumstances have changed and we are now able to fly from Glasgow so we have booked to go to Cyprus. Have been there before but to Larnaca - going to Pahpos are this time. Sunshine and warmth - bliss!!!!
  16. Was wondering about going away somewhere warm/hot in October - preferrably flying from Aberdeen. Was looking at Barcelona among other places. Anybody got any suggestions or thoughts?
  17. Totally agree with previous posts. Drove down the Kames today at 8am and the number of cars without any lights on never mind fog lights was unbelievable. One or 2 just had side lights on - what is the point in that?
  18. Thanks for replying. I did the ctrl and mouse thing and it worked. Thanks Muckle Joanie for writing in big print so I could see it. Our browser is Firefox but it has always been that and never had a problem till yesterday.
  19. The font size on Shetlink has suddenly gone very small and faint. Can anybody advise how to sort it? No other websites are affected only Shetlink. Hopefully I can read your replies!!
  20. Anybody know what the Kames are like this morning?
  21. When we were in Aberdeen recently, some-body from E-on tried to persuade us to switch our electricity supplier to E-on claiming we could save money over the year. Does anybody have any experience of E-on in Shetland? What is the service like? what happens in a powercut? is the transfer from the existing provider seamless and are there any charges for terminating the contract with your present supplier and connection charges for connection with E-on? Any advice would be gratefully received. We were in a bit of a rush when the girl spoke to us so didn't have much time to ask many questions.
  22. We were off in Vidlin most of yesterday, came back on at teatime. Of today
  23. Have just booked a long weekend in Edinburgh during school holidays in April. Used Edlets.com. You go on to their website and just put in what you are looking for. They seem to be agents that manage self-catering apartments in Edinburgh. I had a phone-call within 10 mins from them just checking what I was looking for and within half an hour I had e-mails from 10 owners with apartments to rent at the time I was looking for. You just reply to the one that takes your fancy . Prices ranged from £50 - £60 per night(sleeping four) up to £150 per night depending where they are and what facilities they have. They seem very efficient I have to say. Will you have a car? Blair Drummond Safari Park is a bit away from Edinburgh but you will be able to get the train from Waverley to North Queensferry where Deep Sea World is.
  24. Citroen Berlingo - problem with un-even wear on rear tyre? Additional information: Do you have, or know of anyone with this problem please?. Our Citroen Berlingo will be 3 years old shortly, there is a problem with un-even wear, on rear left tyre (nearside)., we intend for Citroen to fix this problem, before the 3 year warranty expires. To plan the next move we'd like to know how many people in Shetland have experienced this problem and are you satisfied with whats been done about it ? Central garage have been helpful, in as much there is now an acknowledgement (From Central & Citroen - although why recall to check vehicles of this age has not been forthing coming i'm not sure) that there is indeed a problem. (It must be least a year ago or more when I first contacted local dealer with our concerns) The problem relates to an incorrect rear wheel alignment, which may have been set to 5 degrees instead of 3 degrees something along these lines. In our case the outside of the tyre can have little tread left when the inside of same wheel has plenty of tread left.We shall have to replace left rear wheel again, all at our expense, well before the right rear wheel wear is due, not good practice, as both tyres would normally be changed at same time. My understanding is that Central Garage do not have, or do not have direct access to the necessary equipment to check 4 wheel alignment. Whilst we sympathise with this, its not an answer to owners who have spent good money on a vehicle, and are looking for answers without having to continually check/chase on the situation - instead of Citroen getting to grips with this, and advising Central garage and Berlingo owners of a clear action plan of what can be done about this. Look forward to responses, to try and progress this matter to a satisfactory conclusion, for everyone that has been affected. Rgds Nigel & Mary Gifford, Vidlin. Price: n/a Date added 09 Feb 2012
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