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  1. Just wondering if all the buses are running normally on Up Helly Aa night. Was thinking of the one leaving Lerwick around 10pm heading North.
  2. Just to say that Sky Engineers are going to be in Shetland this coming week. We got a phone call with the offer of Tuesday to Friday for an appointment to fit a new Sky dish following the recent storms. Said they had enough for 100 hours of work.
  3. Hi there, What size do you need? Is it for transporting a dog? We have quite a big one used for our labrador pauppy.
  4. Would totally agree with last post - Matt was brilliant but only 45 mins!! Those of us that bought tickets online paid £22.50 for them which was even more of a rip-off I would say. Was also a bit miffed at getting my bottles of water taken off me leaving me no alternative but to pay over-inflated prices at the Clickimin for a drink.
  5. Does anybody know when we can expect to receive the tickets that were ordered online for the Saturday night concert?
  6. ng7627

    Kennel Cough

    Our dog has to have a big orthopaedic operation in 2 weeks time and we didn't really want her getting kennel cough prior to that as it would mean that the operation would have to be cancelled and she does need it done. I take your point about a cage in the car, but the size of cage required for a fully grown labrador would not fit in my car!!
  7. ng7627

    Kennel Cough

    Just had my dog vaccinated against kennel cough as she has to go south for an operation in a couple of weeks and we werwe advised to get it done as she will be in the kennels on the boat and mixing with other dogs while away and it cost £20.
  8. I see they are advertised on page 38 of the Times this week - Wednesday night at 7pm
  9. What about Olly Murs next???
  10. Have just finished 5th book by Jo Nesbo (The Redeemer) - Norwegian author akin to Stieg Laarson. Can't wait to get my hands on the 2 I haven't read - Nemesis and The Redbreast. Couldn't p[ut them down once I started to read them.
  11. We've just been told our dog will need surgery to repair a cruciate ligament in her back leg. Have been given option of surgery here or having her seen in Scotland by Specialist Orthopaedic vets. Does anyone have any experience of any of the types of surgery for this problem? From what we can see the outcomes for the different kinds of surgery seem to have similiar outcomes. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  12. Has anyone else had a problem with O2 network coverage over the last couple of days? Here in Vidlin we've had no signal Saturday night Sunday and so far this morning.
  13. Where do you suggest I leave my 10 year old on her own in the middle of Glasgow???? Also do you really think I have £160 to spare for a meal for 2. I would be looking to feed the whole family for a couple of days on that not just one meal. You don't work at Sullom Voe by any chance do you? Any jobs going?
  14. They were on at the Marts in Lerwick on a Thursday night at 7pm recently
  15. We are going to Glasgow for 3 days next month and are looking for any recommendations for good, reasonably priced places to eat out. We have a child of 10 who can be fussy!!
  16. Thanks to everybody who wrote in about owning a beagel. I think pleepsie has made up our minds - I don't think a beagle would be the dog for us - back to the drawing board!!!!
  17. Hi there, Does anybody in Shetland have or know anybody who has a beagle? We're considering getting one and would love to speak to some-one re. the pros and cons first. Mary and Nigel
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