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    ng7627 reacted to Frances144 in Companies who deliver to Shetland & Courier Agents   
    Frances Taylor
    Frances Taylor @Thordale
    @marksandspencer #badcustomerservice to screw #Shetland resident by taking order & money & then refusing delivery to #northernisles #shoddy
    11:16 am · 17 Aug 2017
    (On bed rest! Can't you tell? Bored!)
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    ng7627 reacted to moorlander in ...just some wonderings from a recent visitor   
    Why are there nets by peoples' front gates?  I went through a multitude of possible reasons until landing on the most likely - to protect bin bags on bin day from wind and birds.  But other places, including where I live, are very windy and have marauding birds as well as badgers, foxes etc so why aren't there nets in other parts of the country?  Is there another reason?
    Why don't shops (outside of Lerwick mainly) want you to see their wares?  Large shop windows are boarded or painted over, and although the windows proclaim that they sell meat, bread, milk etc, how do I know what else, or whether they're just little shops with one brand of each?  I dared to enter, somewhat in trepidation, several shops in villages, even in Scalloway, to find really well stocked supermarkets, with hot food, coffee, souvenirs, butchery and a huge range of groceries etc.  I had no idea from outside and had ignored others thinking they were tiny (and dark when I tried to peer in) and not at all welcoming.  So much has changed since my last visit 8 years ago, but the shops haven't!  Open up the windows and lets see what you've got!
    One thing that hasn't changed is the honesty!  When I returned home my local paper was all about thefts and burglaries and car crimes, and I live in a quiet and peaceful area, not an inner city.    Bikes left on the verge, toilet rolls still loose in public loos (not locked in cast iron containers that only allow you one sheet at a time!), binoculars left for people to use in a bird hide, torches in a castle for free use, honesty boxes at campsites.......Long may Shetland continue to remain honest!
    Oooh, another thing.  I've been thinking of renting a property for a couple of years, but  can't get a feel for prices - the ads all say 'offers'.  I wouldn't know whether to offer £50 or £500?  Perhaps that's a question for early next year when I revisit to look more seriously, but doon sooth, rent prices are clearly given in the ads with negotiations rare.
    Thank you for having me!
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    ng7627 got a reaction from Aaron Foord in Refridgeration Engineer   
    What about Sean Fillingham - based in Brae I think
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    ng7627 reacted to Suffererof1crankymofo in Eating out in Berlin   
    The Beer Exchange is rather quirky:
    The prices of the beers go up and down like stocks and shares; was there several years ago but they did some reasonably priced meals too.
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    ng7627 reacted to mcconnachie in Public Toilets in Shetland   
    Are they perhaps trying to discourage George Michael from coming to Shetland?
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    ng7627 reacted to Scorrie in Nice girl   
    I know a single young lady who loves going for walks on deserted beaches, I'l give her a shout for you if that's OK.
    Just bring a ball for her to chase and you'll get on fine.....
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    ng7627 got a reaction from CrunchieSquirrel in Globe Butchers to close   
    I see the Globe is now closing on 18th February and not the 29th March
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