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  1. Is there any real point after Calamity's near 10 years of very successful sabotage, the subject is far too heavily associated with him and the joke he's turned it in to. Only thing we need to know right now, is whether it was the Scots or English that sent him. I'm gay and i find this uffensive ???
  2. Hmmmm... Henry Ford, pacifist, man of the people, all-round All-American wholesome anti-Semitic Nazi-supporting warMONGER. He may have been a pacifist in WW1, but when Ol' Adolf and his marching boys identified Jews as the main problem in the world, this man, who published The International Jew (based on the entirely fabricated Protocols of the Elders of Zion - a favourite of the purple pain himself, the IckeMeister), which, in turn, MASSIVELY influenced many of those who lent their support and pledged allegiance to National Socialism in the Reich, lent his own tacit support, refusing to assist, and hampering at every turn, the "Jew-influenced" cabal of American warmongers attacking the man who idolised him and kept a life size portrait of Henry by his desk! He is even cited as a paragon in "Mein Kampf". He then made further fortunes out of selling materials to the Nazis as all intelligence said they were gearing up for war, and despite advice and plead from some in the U.S. government. His company - under his direct authority - used French PoWs as slave labour in Germany! Nice way to cut costs, hmmm? He and Joe Kennedy were much of a like. Opportunistic venal Jew-haters. Despicable men.
  3. All very well, mate, but... I'm behind you.
  4. Nah, none of the other RE's have floated my boat since the second game. I can remember catching myself leaning - physically leaning - to one side or another to try & see round corners on that one...especially for those bleeding "lickers"!! The skitter of nails on tile or marble...the hiss or slow groaning breathing of the original shuffling dead...really hooked you into it. For me, at least. The single most disturbing game I've ever played, of the Survival-Horror genre, was Silent Hill. The dark, the fuzzy torch & radio static whenever baaaad things were approaching? The lack of weaponry, the evil "monster babies"? The children giggling? The VERY worst, though, was the classroom in the school on the "dark" side, with chains & hooks from the ceiling, the empty desks...and the constant sound of a sobbing child. That was one siiiiick puppy dreamed up that game... True psychological horror, IMO. I've STILL not replayed Infamous II, despite having the Theatre of Blood DLC. The thought of playing as Cole, with vampiric powers to be discovered? Niiiice. But there were a few disappointments with it, I must confess. Just don't seem to have the time these days. It's all "Special Agent Oso" and "Jake & the Neverland Pirates" all day every day (with the odd "Phineas & Ferb"). Darned pesky kids, I'd have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for them! (Koyaanisqatsi... "I would very much enjoy the chance to kill any one of you.". You're very welcome to try... )
  5. David Icke? Are you serious? The man is right up there with Derek bleedin Acora!! FFS grow up and take ONE piece of his ranting advice... think for yourself, not what government, media NOR some paranoid schizophrenic narcissist tells you to believe!! You forgot about his belief that a humanoid lizard race, disguised as humans, (the "Annunaki", who are alien/human hybrid "reptoids", living in caves beneath the earth's surface and running the world economy from Israel - anti-Semitic garbagemonger!!) are running this whole "project" to enslave humanity... Funnily enough, these prosthetic mask-wearing reptoids include one of his favourites, old Donald "unknown knowns" Rumsfeld, as well as every US president, the Queen and numerous other heads of state, politicians and financiers!! AND his beliefs about them gathering to worship a giant owl statue and performing regular child sacrifices to it, at that "secret" grove in the US... And we are supposed to view this psychotic racist egomaniac as the saviour of mankind? The purple Messiah? That island STILL hasn't sunk, by the way. Yup, he and Kreed Kafer have a LOT in common, and prey on the neuroses and vulnerabilities of many. No shortage of cash in it for him. He's our equivalent of these Shyster "End Times" televangelist "preachers" in the US, who fleece little old racist white ladies and redneck hillbilly morons out of their money. Who's being gulled here, pal?
  6. Best way to be. I wish more were this way, instead of only interested in footie, pints or "Corrie". If abraxas DID vote, it'd be Monster Raving Loony! (or LibDem as they're known, these days!! )
  7. I'm certainly no fan of politicians, but it wasn't Mandelson alone that left Labour rotten to the core. There was an entire generation of hungry young politicos there, that allowed themselves to fall prey to temptation and corruption until they couldn't tell right from wrong, IMO. Had it just been him, it would have been more easily dealt with. But it's ingrained now, it seems. With ALL of them, red, blue, yellow... It REALLY hacks me off sometimes. But back it topic, referendums can be of use sometimes, and I stress sometimes. But as Soundview says, I also feel concern that the powers-that-be might simplify or dumb things down - hugely complex things, sometimes, like an "independent" Scotland - to a "Do you like the English? Did you enjoy 'Braveheart' kicking the living #### out of them?"-toned kind of stupidity that appeals to some (moronic) folk. Some things are just too complex for a straight "Yes/No" kind of vote. That may sound bizarre, but I truly believe it.
  8. I'm pretty sure the Poll Tax had some "aims" as well, other than to persecute those who could least afford it, and provoke rioting, almost taking down a government... and all in the name of "reform" and "fairness". "Aims" are all very well. All very... noble, I'm sure. Sadly, in schemes such as this one, administered by the often incompetent, utterly heartless and money-grubbing leeches ("Sorry, the computer says no!" ) that the last government introduced into the equation, there will be casualties. And we will shake our heads, over our bowls of cereal, as we read of those unfortunates who will suffer, as a result, but it will carry on, nonetheless, no doubt providing the Millipede with soundbites and the opportunity to toss allegedly "humorous" jibes at his slightly more successful counterpart, for the benefit of his ego and the media, but to no other effect. (Cynical? Moi? )
  9. Absolutely splendid, Biglad! I have no illusions about the Shetland Tesco becoming the first in Britain to somehow make it illegal to park in these spaces. What I WOULD hope is that, whether through this forum, or other outlets - folk hear of this and remember that they have some sense of common decency, and then leave those spaces for those that need them, or who would BENEFIT from them (and that's not Fat Tam running in on his lunch break/tea break/way home to get his fags and rolls and scratchcard and lottery ticket and crisps and Cola and Mars bar and biscuits and.... ). I know, I know! Call me a cock-eyed optimist (though I'm sure some have other words they'd substitute in a reverse filter-style!) but I can't help but hope...
  10. And you're so special because you drive an Audi ! You cheeky little toe rag ! How dare you slate other drivers because of the car they drive ! Wash your mouth out ! Or I would love to do it for you...........
  11. "sausage"?? Really? Who writes these filters?? Can you no even write a word, similar to beggar, rhymes with chugger?? Dearie me. I'd write, "Ochone! Ochone!" but it'd probably be filtered to something like "Buttock! Buttock!"
  12. That's the key to these issues, and it's also where most folk fall short of the issues they 'champion', while "pleepsing" here. It's a throwback to my younger days, but I believe in getting involved, even if it's just a suggestion card or letter, as suggested by Soundview. I can actually understand the gist of BigLad & other folks' snipes, which I believe, are aimed at those who moan or complain and then sit back, expecting others to do the dirty or hard work for them. Something an argumentative, crotchety owld sausage like me could never be accused of! If you believe something should be done about any aspect of this, do something about it. Please?
  13. Hmmmm, very interesting, MJ. Maybe needs some looking into. Dratsy, my paternal gran also did all her own shopping by foot, well into her nineties. My maternal gran, however, had a number of health complications, which made her reliant on others for transport and to wheel her around. Not everyone has that sort of blessing of good health. So we provide for those who don't and look after them as much as possible. Unless you're a lazy git who can't be bothered walking an extra 30, 40 feet or so from a normal parking space. Same goes for P&T spaces. Like I said before, the clues in the name. They're provided for families, not clowns.
  14. WTF?? "muckle sphincter"?? That's FAR more offensive than "e.r.s.e." surely?? Methinks the moderators are having a larff!
  15. Unlinked, the mittens made me laugh! How many of you were there?? Visions of a group of tots like a chain gang,being hauled along the road by mam on a sled, pulled by the youngest! Strange, I know. It's just how my brain works (or doesn't!). My mam never beat us, just got a skelp on the muckle sphincter once as a bairn & never forgot. After that, there was an invisible line you didn't cross, signalled by a look or tone of voice. And I agree on Tufty over Darth Vader! Do kids get such training in schools, these days? It's good to hear there are still folk who will help strangers struggling with a burden, whether shopping or otherwise. Restores my dwindling faith in the human condition. One of my earliest memories is of visiting family in a town and walking for miles with our mam to either FineFare or the Co-op (can't mind which). I was three and we did walk miles, honest. And back again, with the shopping (my brothers & sister carried, I supervised ). But everything changes and things should improve. To my mind, I'd rather my bairns didn't have to walk miles to the shops. I'd rather they were driven safely, and able to get into or out of the car easily and safely, rather than twisting & turning, while trying to avoid damaging the car of the pillock that parked 4 inches away from my car (in standard parking), thanks to the lazy ****s that took up the allocated disabled OR parent & toddler spaces, swaddled in their cocoon of utter selfishness. We all want better for our bairns, don't we? It's only natural, after all. There are many things I did or had done to me as a child that you would say "well, it did me no harm", but I remember them as being unpleasant and - in this modern age - avoidable for my bairns. So they will never have to do these things, if I can help it. And they should, hopefully, be safe in car parks - where folk DO get impatient, or are just idiots, and speed off without regard for others. I see this almost EVERY time I am in Tesco, so it DOES happen. Especially around lunch time, when all the young lads in overalls come in for their lunch in their wee tin cans, revving and speeding in a totally unsuitable environment for such antics. I just want the peace of mind that my kids are safe in such places, and these spaces help allay these fears. Until the idiots arrive and take them. Forgive me for asking too much.
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