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  1. Fault finding on overhead lines is much easier than locating a fault on underground cables, I speak from experience having worked for electricity supply companies.
  2. Anyone ever used one of the pods on Northlink? What do you think of them. A friend who is coming up to visit has asked me and as I have never even seen one never mind use I thought this would be the place to ask. Thanks.
  3. Heard da noise here in Whalsay aboot half an hour ago. Windered whit it wis. Noo I ken.
  4. Flames is right next door. Ony resemblance between Flames and a café is purely accidental. Been in it once....never again!
  5. Classifieds page is very iffy for me also....sometimes it's there other times (like now) cannot be displayed. B.....y annoying!
  6. Not many gas plant workers in Whalsay but plenty of pick up trucks. Big boy's toys (and lasses) I doot!
  7. Millers Gooseberries. Spangles. Barrats sweetie cigarettes (with footballer card in packet) Pontefract cakes. Murraymints. Sharps toffees. And I nearly forgot....Butternuts.
  8. It's enough to mak you wanna move to Whalsay. Da Oot Ower Lounge is waiting fur dee Icepick. lol
  9. The best I have had since coming back tae Shetland are without a doubt fae da Whalsay Boating Club. Only one thing wrong....they have stopped cooking for da summer!
  10. As unlinked student points out it was John Major assisted by our own Norman Lamont who pulled out of the ERM. In fact Mrs Thatcher was always opposed to joining it!
  11. I for one find it disgusting that parties as held in Glasgow by those who are in the most part too young to even have lived when Mrs. Thatcher was PM. To me she was the greatest leader Britain has had in the last century and had the will to see what was wrong in the UK and do something about it! Condolences to her family. R.I.P. Mrs.T.
  12. It was so interesting that I fell asleep about half way through.....woke up just as dir wis a body fun in da dig!
  13. I was a "Wurlie" man me'sel until a freend o' mine got wan fae da Queens and found a dead moose in it! That was the end o' Wurlies for me. Graduated to Dryburghs screwtops and then the Red can.
  14. I doot hit'll niver be lik da owld days
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