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  1. Wondering if there is anyone up in the Scatsta area willing to host a M-LAT / ADS-B receiver for these guys https://360radar.co.uk/ ?
  2. Eastern Airways latest addition to their fleet, another ATR 72 landed at Sumburgh 28/03/2018 for the first time :- ATR 72 G-IACZ ATR 72 G-IACZ _MG_0837 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  3. Shetland's Airlines _MG_2928 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr Little and Large, Loganair & FlyBe, the battle continues......
  4. Latest addition to the Loganair fleet, this 28 year old Saab 340 seen just after landing here at Sumburgh yesterday. G-LGNZ :- Saab 340 G-LGNZ IMG_0952 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  5. Yes indeed mogling, a lot of activity at the crash site this morning, weather suitable at last for the recovery, hopefully the remainder of the crew still aboard, just all very sad....
  6. Was there about an hour, didna see onybody get flatched in that time !
  7. Maybe someen been listening ! Today :- Shopping Trip _MG_6367 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  8. Yet another full emergency declared at Sumburgh Airport yesterday, this CHC S92A just after landing :- Emergency G-WNSV IMG_8179 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  9. Something new from Eastern Airways today at Sumburgh after first landing at Scatsta, ( Lookout, maybe Loganair next ), ! :- Embraer 170 G-CIXV IMG_6917 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  10. Visiting a couple of times yesterday was this Polish reg Saab 340A from Sprint Air, seemed to be oil related charters. Saab 340 SP-KPC :- Saab 340 SP-KPC IMG_9990 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  11. That's right hjasga, as I understand it most of the " purple " Saab 340's we are seeing so far are cosmetic jobs only, the only one I believe to be fully refurbished so far is LGNA which has been out of service for a couple of days but I am glad to say back in business this morning.
  12. This 26 year old Saab 340 seems to be having some problems as still at Sumburgh after a couple of days, I believe this one has been fully refurbished, seen here doing test runs at Sumburgh today. :- Spirit of Lewis IMG_8546 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  13. Yis mogling, hit's been a lang hard winter wi no dat muckle tae report. Here is a shot taen daday o' dat somewhit controversial colour scheme dat's comin mair an mair prominent every day ! Saab 340 G-LGNJ ready to taxi at Sumburgh . Saab 340 G-LGNJ _MG_0911 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  14. A recent visitor to Sumburgh was this Danish Air Force Bombardier Challenger 604, did not hang around for long. :- Challenger 604 C-215 _MG_0847 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
  15. Recently seen passing Sumburgh Head heading for the north of Norway was the Atlantic with a fine cargo of shipping. :- Atlantic IMG_2640 by Ronnie Robertson, on Flickr
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