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  1. The Celebrity Infinity heading for Lerwick on a beautiful morning :- Celebrity Infinity IMG_9925 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  2. Another new for Sumburgh today is this executive turboprop Beech 200 G-BYCP. I see complete wi a peerie bar ! Beech 200 G-BYCP IMG_9789 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  3. Plenty chopper traffic at Sumburgh today, among them this Bristow Puma G-ZZSD :- Bristow Puma G-ZZSD IMG_9759 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  4. Of interest yesterday was the Expedition, departing Lerwick oot da nort mooth :- Expedition IMG_9679 by Ronnierob, on Flickr Some may recognise her as the sister ship to the St Sunniva.
  5. ^ Great stuff and blyde you liked the picture, got a couple of shots of her over Sumburgh when she left but not worth posting ! Of interest yesterday was this Royal Danish Navy Lynx in for some fuel at Sumburgh before she was later involved in a full emergency due to a hydraulic problem which was soon resolved. Westland Lynx S-142 :- Danish Lynx S-142 IMG_9699 by Ronnierob, on Flickr and departing tonight, now a regular was this Loganair Saab 2000 G-LGNR :- Saab 2000 G-LGNR IMG_9712 by Ronnierob, on Flickr also sitting parked on the apron is this peerie Piper PA-32-260 Danish reg OY-PCI :- Piper Cherokee OY-ECI IMG_9715 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  6. Some visitors to Sumburgh today was our good old Fokker 50 PH-JXN looking a bit more colourful :- Foker 50 PH-JXN IMG_9493 by Ronnierob, on Flickr and this Dornier 228 G-MAFI :- Dornier 228 G-MAFI IMG_9510 by Ronnierob, on Flickr also this peerie Cirrus SR20 N203CD :- Cirrus SR-20 N203CD IMG_9497 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  7. Really ower dark for decent pictures and late leaving Lerwick the cruise ship Le Boreal off Grutness at 10pm tonight :- Le Boreal IMG_9464 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  8. Something a peerie bit different flying fairly high over Sumburgh this afternoon was this Reims FR172F Reims Rocket G-DRAM :- Reims Rocket G-DRAM IMG_9444 by Ronnierob, on Flickr Was heading in a northerly direction, anyone aware of her ?
  9. Anither poor day for the cruise ships, here is the National Geographic Explorer aff Sumburgh Head this moarnin heading for da toon o Lerook :- N G Explorer IMG_9378 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  10. A very busy day at Sumburgh, looks like Scatsta was out of action for some time :- Sumburgh Airport IMG_4988 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  11. ^ Better cruising conditions yesterday was the " Voyager " seen here passing Sumburgh on her way to Iceland. Voyager IMG_9281 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  12. This Sumburgh based S92A G-CHYG was giving anyone watching a brilliant display of what they are capable of tonight :- Sikorsky Hill-Climb IMG_9306 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  13. Not many passengers out on deck taking in the air tonight as the cruise ship MV Discovery passes Sumburgh Head. :- Discovery IMG_9123 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  14. The cruise ship Saga Pearl II heading for Torshavn seen here off Sumburgh Head yesterday :- Saga Pearl II IMG_9042 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  15. A new addition to the Bond fleet of S92's was G-VINK seen here departing from Sumburgh yesterday :- Bond S92A G-VINK IMG_9020 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  16. At Sumburgh today this CHC EC225 LP Super Puma G-OAGC. Don't think I have seen her before. Puma EC225 G-OAGC IMG_8959 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  17. The Fugro Symphony back from the oil fields rounding Sumburgh Head today, and........ a man on a quad ! Fugro Symphony IMG_8976 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  18. More sail power today as Shetland's Swan rounds Sumburgh Head on route Lerwick to Scalloway :- Swan IMG_8896 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  19. The second of Loganair's Saab 2000's now in operation at Sumburgh today. Saab 2000 G-LGNR :- Saab 2000 G-LGNR IMG_8800 by Ronnierob, on Flickr and of course our good old Fokker 50 in today at Sumburgh seen here departing. Fokker 50 PH-JXK :- Fokker 50 PH-JXK IMG_8765 by Ronnierob, on Flickr Fokker 50 PH-JXK IMG_8766 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  20. Aye good to see the Statsraad Lehmkuhl back in Shetland even trowe da mist, seen here earlier this week :- Statsraad Lehmkuhl IMG_4782 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  21. The " Robris " and " Capella " off Grutness today :- Robris IMG_8751 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  22. ^ Good wan trooter, niver kent o her being in. Aye at the ready for emergencies is the Bond jigsaw choppers, both at Sumburgh today, G-REDO seen here after lift-off :- Bond Rescue G-REDO IMG_8677 by Ronnierob, on Flickr and back in to Sumburgh today was this Cessna 650 Citation III OY-JPJ :- Cessna Citation OY-JPJ IMG_8683 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  23. Just click on share this photo, then you want the BBCode which you then just copy and paste...
  24. A couple of visitors to Sumburgh today, the regular Eastern Saab 2000 G-CIEC :- Saab 2000 G-CIEC 016 by Ronnierob, on Flickr and the good auld Fokker seen here departing Sumburgh. Fokker 50 PH-JXN :- Fokker 50 PH-JXN 023 by Ronnierob, on Flickr
  25. Cracking stuff Hamron and thanks for posting, have not seen anything here in the deep south since the big show back at the end of February.
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