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  1. I still think disturbing all this peat is a bad idea, VE should relocate :- http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/transport-environment/peat-bogs-the-black-stuff-that-holds-key-to-cutting-pollution-1.1009905
  2. Yep, dem wir da days, I mind a big sna likely aboot 1957, Faedder wiz wirkin in da ZCC water ootfit and da rod wiz blocked fae Sanick an sooth. Faedder abanded his trusty auld Aerial at Fort Rod, somehow aquired a sna ploo and headed tae Sumburgh. I tink I can still hear da snore o him goin up by wir hoose dat nicht ! Spaek aboot multitasking !!
  3. holiday tae Orkney on a Douglas Dakota DC3 afore da Handley Page Dart Herald took ower prior tae the Vickers Viscount !! Mind a graet debate ower da cost, tink wiz aboot five pound.
  4. can mind when a pint at Sumburgh Hotel wiz half a croon so you got 8 pints for a pound !
  5. ZE3 - no chance o ony payments here below da hill, da usual " scorcher " +3.1 C but -10.5 C windchill at 16.15 da day. Lowest for da month so far is -0.5 at 5 past midnight on da 2nd.
  6. http://www.inference.phy.cam.ac.uk/withouthotair/c1/page_6.shtml and :- We start with the fact that carbon dioxide concentrations are rising. Figure 1.4 shows measurements of the CO2 concentration in the air from the year 1000AD to the present. Some “sceptics†have asserted that the re- cent increase in CO2 concentration is a natural phenomenon. Does “scep- tic†mean “a person who has not even glanced at the data� Don’t you think, just possibly, something may have happened between 1800AD and 2000AD? Something that was not part of the natural processes present in the preceding thousand years? Something did happen, and it was called the Industrial Revolution Wid suggest some of you hiv a guid read o dis book by David MacKay, it's called " Sustainable Energy - Without The Hot Air " and is a free download so no excuses.....
  7. Canna believe dis Mark 2 version o da mussel rafts ( sorry Palamis ) has yit to be tested oot !
  8. Man, it's perfect yun's just big glorified mussell rafts, tink o da extra income fae dem. Also da scarfs wid be delighted, I can juist see dem row efter row wi da settin sun goin doon ower Foula in da backgrund, absolutely spot on for aabody !!.
  9. I would nearly think it would be easier to get the wave farm on site though, definately no peat in the way, just a few piltocks !
  10. Yep, marine energy definately the way to go, canna wait to see dat tidal turbine in Bluemull Soond. Juist mak sure it's aa weel teddered doon ! link to EMEC http://www.emec.org.uk/index.asp
  11. Link on noise levels, winder whit da levels in decibels,( seemingly currently set at 43 ) is on da proposed bigger VE wans ? http://www.environmental-protection.org.uk/news/detail/?id=2323
  12. Haed a look at their site wi aa the pretty picters taen among da rolling hills at Whitelee ( nae access problems yunder ! ) Bottom of the key facts page in small writing, costs in the area of 800 million !!. They must be joking, mair lik two billion I wid tink. And can someone remind me whit wir contribution is ?
  13. Yep had a quick look at these SSSI's and as AT says Fetlar which would have been ideal is a write-off. ( God knows why ! ). Unst, although has quite a few sites still looks fairly feasable and also as I said earlier nice sheltered water at Belmont for the interconnector and link up to the tidal turbines when they come.
  14. AT wrote :- Another thing about the chosen site, is that it was actually identified by the SIC as being the best place for a large windfarm years before VE was even created. .....Identified by the SIC . Oh dear !! , so there is a good chance that an ar*e has been made of the whole project from day one ! Also, I wonder why VE have not applied for planning permission for wind monitoring on alternative sites ?. Sounds all cut and dried to me.
  15. BT, not VE certainly haed plans :- http://www.naturalchoices.co.uk/BT-announces-L250-million?id_mot=2 but last I heard they had died a death. I think the point VE keeps makin is that if they dunna go ahead and use wir money in da process then the big utilities will go ahead onywye and we will get nae benefits at all. Dat's whit dey whit lik wiz poor peasants tae tink ! I dunna hae a problem wi wind turbines idder, hit's da sheer physical size o dem plus da engineering task o getting dem on site among aa dis paet dat budders me. Funny da Nort Isles fok were niver asked whit dir tochts wir on dis ! As I said afore, yon's whar dey should hiv been pittin up masts for test wind speeds !
  16. Yep, delled a lot o paet oot o Scousburgh Hill wi my Dad back in da fifties & sixties so haad my haands up ! Thenadays Virdifield ( at foot of hill ) was full up with no further banks available. I think the erosion is down to peat cutting back over the centuries ( remember this was practically the only source of fuel for the whole Ness area from here and south. ) We cut our peats up where BTI stuck there trans horizon dishes, not much erosion up there but don't think there's been much change over the years on the lower eastern slopes. Still think absoloute lunacy for VE to go ahead with this among all this peat when plenty of alternative sites.
  17. AT wrote The thing is, there are roads all over Shetland which were driven straight through the hill and none of them seem to have caused the environmental devastation that "sustainable" Shetland claim will be caused by the roads and other works associated with the windfarm. Yes but surely these roads were for the horse and kert and not designed for the transportation of these modern day monstrosities. Na na ! hoosin is richt hit'l be some slester fae day wan !
  18. Yep, the ridge along Vallafield with ready made road and then the whole of the Easting with not a soul to disturb and all solid rock. Just ask anybody that has tried to put up a fence in Unst how far doon the posts go !
  19. Hmmmmm ! soonds expensive, I think the 3kW would probably be on quite a lot in our particular homestead, with windows frequently open for circulation, cat exits , etc! Aweel, back tae da paetbank !! Ta for the info..
  20. We keep on hearing about the peat disposal problem, just move the whole VE project to Unst and Fetlar and " hey presto " no peat worth speaking about. Also Bluemull Sound ideal location for the interconnector as that is where all the marine energy will ulimately come from. As we keep hearing it's really a no brainer !!
  21. I am wondering how this would work with a combi boiler. Could you still retain your existing boiler for hot water only or would I also need a boiler plus immersion along with the heat pump if I wanted decent hot water ? What is the power consumption of the 12kW unit ?
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