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  1. I was only using cycle for an example. It generally doesn't pick up items I am looking for, and when I go into individual categories, then I find items that it stated were none.
  2. Old shetlink would search for any add with the words in the title, but new shetlink seems to only pick up adds if the whole title of the add is searched for. For example looking for 'cycle' but doesn't connect to adds that say 'girls cycle'
  3. Photo problem could be due to the size of them. Just check they are under the required size for the site.
  4. Just noticed a new function on Shetlink on expired adverts today. Hence tried to 'renew' advert. It appears on the expired advert as 13 days 23 hours left, but does't appear on 'manage classified' my personal adverts. Any ideas what's wrong or is it just a glitch?
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