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  1. We hear on the news that there was a light mist at Sumburgh, but it was a real pea souper at the time of the accident. Still can't see fitful head. Not that this had any bearing on what has happened. Such a tragedy, still looking for one more person.
  2. Just happened upon this theme - and I am surprised to see that Hairyian has made mention of VE's 'business plan'. Could you please let us see a copy of it, so that we can pass comment, or is it secret, confidential, or really non-existant? Checking their projections of profits could be interesting.
  3. We could do with more investigative journalism. wonder if Ian Hislop is free.
  4. I am fed up with pro-VE supporters banging on about /there is nothing else on the table/. Well, when the Saxavord RAF station in Unst closed down some years ago, ideas were asked for from the public as to what could be done to provide employment 'up north'. I, and many others (some of whom have told me their ideas), contacted the council with their suggestions and not one of them was taken up, or in fact even discussed, so far as I am aware. This is an easy, 'cheap' way out, and is detrimental to Shetland in every way. Is it too late for a 'think tank' to be formed to hold open and wide discussions on alternative money-making and job-providing projects?
  5. Surely this is a time for pay rises to be looked at too. I've never understod why employees are awarded, say 2% across the board. This just means that the highly differenatial increases, and so does the divide. 2% of £100k salary - some earn more than that - is a huge increase compared to 2% of £20k, and some SIC workers earn less than that. If everyone's salary was increased by, say £500 p.a., the lower paid would benefit more than the higher paid, and the higher paid don't need any more any way.
  6. I have just heard that all the garden refuse at da dump as well as all that collected by the council - that includes bushes, grass, plants, etc. - is used as land fill. There I was thinking it was being shredded then composted, ready for use by the council or bagged up for sale to the public. Does the council recycle nothing? What happens to their old computers, office furniture, and so on.
  7. The road sweeper sweeps up and down the roads of Lerwick all times in the week and twice on the morning of the same day that the essie kert comes. If the roads were swept once a week, just after the EK, that should save some money, on wages and fuel. Every week.
  8. What we must not forget is that this is not a project which will benefit most Shetlanders. Yes, the land owners, the partners in the project, and a few hangers-on will benefit financially, but this is not a Shetland-friendly scheme. Besides ruining our environment, we will not benefit one ohm from this, our fuel bills will rise year on year, up by 25% I read, to fund wind power. We won't have any concessions on costs, no help with our escalating fuel bills, rising food prices and so on.
  9. It seems that ProVE supporters have just woken up since the VE begging bowl has been left empty again.
  10. Hooray! The SCT meeting set for Monday is cancelled. But why could all the councillors/trustees not have seen as OSCR has, that such a meeting to discuss further investment in VE, at this time, is totall unacceptable. This whole thing stinks.
  11. Today's P & J headline shows that the proposed £3billion offshore windfarm off the coast of Caithness could be seen as far away as south of Orkney. There is no height of wind turbines given. As the proposed VE wind generators, fully extended, are 149mtrs high, and set on top of Shetland's highest area of land, from what distance could they realistically be seen from - America? Any research done on this?
  12. Thanks for the info, unlinked. I noticed in the agenda that there was reference to the updates given to the Trustees - Appendix A. There is not mention of VE's project co-ordinator, or his being named - Cllr Allan Wishart - being involved in the updates - what is he doing for that large salary? Any ideas?
  13. Both the VE project and the proposed cuts in services to our needy community are both long lasting and far reaching. Surely there must be another way? Where is that think tank?
  14. I'm sick of the harping on about 'the vocal minority' - the only reason we have to be vocal is because those who have the power to control our lives are not listening, they don't want to, and don't have to. And who says we are in the minority. Seems to me that most of the 'silent' people I speak to, who don't express their views on VE, SIC cuts, etc. are either employed by the council or have dealings with 'big business' in Shetland. Who can blame them for not speaking out loud, objecting to what's going on. Shetland Mafia still reigns. It is past time for a change in the culture up here.
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