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  1. Part of the Johnsmas Foy is Flavour of Shetland, that website is running see http://www.flavourofshetland.com/
  2. Thanks, will take a look at the website links.
  3. Thanks, thats great, I'm looking for printed sacks, any kind would do, even if they are not Shetland related, will keep looking.
  4. Does anyone know if there would have been hessian tattie sacks with shetland growers names printed on them, from anytime in the past? I know they now use paper sacks. Thanks
  5. New Chef, and a good one at that, certainly worth a visit!!!
  6. Peerie Shop Cafe under new management, Reestit Mutton Soup was amazing, and I notice the return of the Pavlova, mmmm!!!
  7. Thanks so much, I have managed to track down a copy, joost have to wait for the snow to clear!
  8. Does anyone have the words for the poem 'Tirval and Me' recited by Jessie Smith on Efter da Humin Volume 1 (LP), or a copy would be great. Any ideas? thanks
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