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  1. Hi We run LJ’s in mid yell and we provide outside catering if this interests you please contact us Kindest regards Hazel
  2. I have four cats, all neutered I might add also I am a very loving and responsible pet owner. I don't like that cats hunt birds etc., but they also keep vermin down by catching mice and rats. Have you ever considered the amount of wildlife humans kill, sometime for no reason but because they can! Also was just watching a programme on telly were pigeons in cities are trapped and killed because they are treated by councils as pests. Don't see the same amount of pigeons in Lerwick in recent years. I don't believe that people should be allowed to breed animals for profit and believe anyone wishing to breed cats, dogs or any other domestic pet should be licensed by a governing body. And yes all my life I have had rescue pets and donate regularly to animal charities.
  3. Take it you don't like cats! It's not just cats that eat baby birds at this time of year.
  4. Yes he still does windows he's at Lodberrie deli every Friday but can't remember the phone number
  5. The lights are up the trees are out, the parade has come and gone, there are bands playing every Saturday at Harrison Square, Santas grotto in the Lodberrie Traders every Saturday. All this is paid by local businesses through the levy they pay to Living Lerwick. The council do not contribute but charge for closing roads for parades, electricity for the lights and fee to allow bands to play. Do folk in shetland support these very small independant businesses? How does Tesco look outside this year or the coop for that matter? If you don't support the street you won't have one. Remote island totally dependant on Tesco, Coop and online shopping. Delivery charges!!!! Could be interesting!!
  6. I think his poetry must be that crap, he feels he need to write on his blog about a very good and kind person in a negative manner. It's just disgusting and just shows how devious he is that he wrights about I but was very plesent to her in person. Would assume he's the one with the big chip on his shoulder.
  7. Thank you shetlandpeat, I know it's dangerous and total and Petrofac refused to stop their works when I requested them to. They at the same time were moving heavy haulage lorries full of grit or sand through a very narrowed road causing the lorries to clip the verges. Tomorrow we can look forward to the same but they will be moving an abnormal load through the day. Not a happy shetlander.
  8. You would hope so but if their safety procedures in construction is an example of the safety to come then shetland needs help big time.
  9. Has anyone been along the the Sullom Voe site road today. We have roadworks making the road single track. Heavy haulage lorries taking loads from the construction pier to the site. If this is the way they treat the locals at the construction phase god help us all when it's operational!!!
  10. Yes if someone is fighting then it is a police matter. However, the council gives permission for these big projects and must have information on the workforce required to complete these projects. They should make sure there is a code of conduct for persons working here that are not residents. When you speak to the police about things like the volume of traffic and speed on the roads now the do nothing. It's only a matter of time before someone is killed on the road between Mossbank and sullom voe. The traffic monitor is three electronic speed signs, like that's going to slow people down !!
  11. I agree with you completely about the incoming workers. Dont ever both going out now. 10 were sacked this weekend for fighting in Brae. They have their own pub in the camp, locals are not invited in to their pub. They need to put in place some sort of community involved type programme to let everyone get to know each other. However, the management at Total don't have any respect for the neighbours that live around the gas plant so you can't expect the worker to have any respect either. Sad times BP have always been involved in the local community but Total don't seem to want to engage unless its a high profile event like the tall ships. And it's only going to get worst when they build the new hotel in Brae.
  12. Exactly my point I refuse to support businesses that do not pay there tax. I bet over the years Clive paid. Any profit maybe at tesco, all be it I don't think they will make much on the cd area, will go to other areas either south or abroad. We as the shetland community are putting all our eggs in one basket in terms of retail options.
  13. It's christmas yet again, the only time of year I like to buy CDs. I went to the beloved tesco last week as I walked round I thought about buying some CDs. The display has only a few CDs none of which I wanted to buy. I will not buy from amazon or play.com or any other Internet only businesses as I do not agree with large corporate companies not paying tax in this country. If you trade you should pay and if every business played fair then we would not be in the situation we are in today. Clive's for me is a big loss, we live on a small island in the middle of the sea with no where to go for shopping locally we will be at the mercy of Internet or have to make the journey to Aberdeen get the basics. Want to be doing that when your in your older??
  14. Shame on all of you. People are allowed to believe in anything they wish and also have the freedom of speech in this country. This is how an episode in our history started. The burning of witches. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
  15. Would it be worth considering Some of the nearer country halls like quarff or a venue in Scalloway. Is there a bar in stainey hill hall. Will you require catering? If so I could help. Hope this helps.
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