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  1. Just found this thread now. Music should be considered just as important a part of bairns education as anything else, after all, civilization wouldn't exist without the arts. It's also interesting to think back to my early secondary school days where I excelled at music, art and design courses. However, I HAD to take compulsory classes in the sciences, French, etc. before I was allowed, timetable permitting, to choose the subjects I wanted to study that related to the arts. This attitude is utterly backward. I'm astounded that such a ruling could come from within Shetland. The idea that musical education is somehow less important than other areas of education is ignorant in the extreme, especially for a community with such a rich musical heritage. I can't recommend watching this video enough: (Sorry, canna mind how tae embed a youtube video. Maybe the mods could help?) (*** Mod - happy to oblige ***)
  2. Ok, phoned the grampian police non-emergency number. I explained where we are and told him about the camera. He phoned me back after about two minutes and pointed out that there were no camera's looking directly in our flat window. One which could look in is broken (but its not the one I'm talking about, it's on the other side of the building), and the other is looking towards marks&sparks (which couldn't possibly see our flat from where it is). I told him that I wasn't talking about either of those, but the one across the road, to which he replied, "right, well they certainly won't be looking into your flat". Hmmmm.... but it IS looking into my flat, or at least at my flat window. I thanked him for his time, but he didn't offer to check the other one out, the one that's actually looking in. Edit: Just taken a relatively high-res photo. Based on the angle of the lense in the cctv camera casing, it seems to be looking beetween our flat and the one upstairs. If I stand up in the kitchen window, it appears to be looking right at me.
  3. Hi Guys, No been on here fir a while. I got up this mornin tae hae my mornin cuppa and noticed that the CCTV camera on the police building across the road (in the middle of Aberdeen) was looking directly in wir kitchen window. It widna be so bad if we were a ground or even first floor flat, as it might actually be able to take in some of the street view, but since we're a second floor flat, it canna be getting ony o the street, and so wid seem tae be looking directly in wir window. I canna see any o the tap or bottom o the camera casing, or any o the side casing, only the square flat glass window that encases the lense. It feels lik a bit of an invasion o wir privacy. Is this legal? Anybody got any suggestions as tae what I should do? Phone the police and ask what its all aboot? As of typing this it's still looking in. A tad unnerving tae say the least! Edit: I should also perhaps point out that the camera is about level height-wise with our kitchen window, and so is totally looking over the top of everything else.
  4. I'm goin tae do a peerie bit o graphic design in Nuremberg in aboot a weeks time. Anybody have any recommendations for things to see?
  5. Because there's little point in debating a subject that hasn't got a shred of tangible evidence to its name. Appologeez also. I'll include this so as not to seem like a complete troll: Religion *Edit* - And no, I don't see the fact the universe even exists at all as evidence... but then again... Where am I? Who's shoes are these?
  6. What a bizzare thread. KOYAANISQATSI, I suggest du has a look at either of these two books if du's interested. Here and Here
  7. Just finished "The Life of Pi". Its the best book I've read in a while. One of those books that you feel a bit sad once you've finished and think *Oh God, what if I never ever find another book this good again, ever*. Also read "Instruction Manual for Swallowing" recently. A collection of the most bizarre and hillarious short stories I've ever read, all written by a guy called Adam Marek. Highly recommended. Just starting "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" and The Bible (the New International Version). Although the Bible's not exactly got a gripping storyline so far, I kindo feel lik it deserves a read. I'll let you know how I get on
  8. We're tied for 1st now. Just got a few more votes from coursemates...
  9. I've voted. Got a few uni pals to do it too. Will get as many folk as I can. Good luck Jeems.
  10. I know. I have proof. Here! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GaBSWymFzq4&NR=1
  11. I voted for the Foo's too. Canna bear the sound o Kurt's voice. The foo's hay a laugh and write some excellent material.
  12. Up down up down up down up down up down up up up down. On off on off on off on off on off on off on off on off off off on. Yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no yes no no no yes. Cat mouse cat mouse cat mouse cat mouse cat...... mouse. Dog with skin Dog without skin Dog with skin Dog without skin Salt. Beard and speedos Moustache and shorts. The latter. Njugle and peeriebryan in a bath together washing their chest hair. AND THEN I BURST THROUGH THE DOOR AND INTO CAPITALS.
  13. Yup. Hom on the tuesday nights boat as weel. Hay wark tae be doin up until the 7th o January but efter that I'm aff until aroond the 20th. At least I'll be workin in da warmth o my own hoose. Might even squeeze in time fir a dram or two. Mibee a peerie tune somewhere.
  14. Oh, another point you might want to consider Catalina - you might come across the odd delusional islander from time to time. I wouldn't worry though. They're a relatively harmless and simple people. Humour them and you'll be fine. Muppet, the price is aboot 103p a litre fir diesel in Aberdeen joost noo. Might swap me suitcase fir a couple o' drums o petrol!
  15. Honestly? My god. It'll nae doubt be more in Unst an Yell if dats what it is in Lerwick! Hmm... onybody want a 2.8 litre Capri?
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