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  1. 3-5-2 Craig Dinwoodie - GK Joel Bradley - CB Lewis Kay - CB Jordan Morrison - CB James Aitken - RM Jordan Webb - CM Calvin Leask - CM Duncan Anderson - CM Paul Malloy - LM Connel Gresham - ATT Nethan Watson - ATT
  2. no disrespect to whitedale but unst are too strong of a parish side this year! hopefully be a good final though...
  3. maybe take up another sport, sounds like the football isnt for you!
  4. calvin leask didnt make the final squad....beyond belief for me!
  5. no chance tht squad will challenge for the league....the squad doesnt have a leader like webb!
  6. john hutcheson is in jail, nathan macdonald has signed for spurs, connel richardson has signed for whitedale, craig sneddon has signed for wrultizers, mark smith has retired! others include, michael owers who has also hung his boots up, alan smith doesnt have a club yet, steven giblin is also a free agent along with michael forrester, steven johnson, danny inkster, craig thompson, greig maxwell, jonny maxwell and steven leckie!
  7. i agree when you say 1 player doesnt make a team because it certainly does not...BUT taking the sfa player of the year out of any team would be a massive blow and it will damage celtics chances of the league, massive coup for spurs, along with the signings of malloy and macdonald they are very strong in midfield so it could be an interesting season! I certainly hope so
  8. erik peterson (ness) leighton flaws (delting) merv jaimeson (delting richard arthur (whalsay) bako (whitedale) jordan webb (?) james johnston (spurs) connor regan (celtic) calvin leask (thistle) jamie wilson (whitedale) james aitken (celtic)
  9. the league will be close again i think but with jordan webb leaving celtic that will be a massive blow to them so they will need to replace him to challenge i would think, and i dont think there is a player out there good enough to do the job who doesnt have a club! Whalsay will be strong as usual and should make a huge challenge for the league title..Spurs will be glad with the signings they have made with both paul malloy and nathan macdonald top players! Whitedale if they sign david thompson will have a squad getting more experienced every season and could challenge for silverware yet again this season, also young left sided player connel richardson, back after injury is a positive for whitedale! As for the rest if they can pick up points along the way who knows what could happen, maybe cup competitions will be there best shot at silverware!
  10. early reports are webb has indeed signed on with spurs! with shane jamieson going the other way!
  11. top class county players spurs have are james johnston and sam ward when fit! if gresham could finish he would get in too but only thing he lacks is finishing!
  12. heard connel richardson has signed for banks
  13. If this is true we will find out if John Hutcheson is "Class" - it's been easy for him playing in the lower leagues to look good. Also if true what's Jamie Wilson thinking about? He's too good to drop his standards that much ...... or does he want to look good in a crap league? everyone knows hutcheson is class kirsty
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