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  1. Yeh, I've battled against it for about 12 years. Lightboxes are the main form or treatment, and whilst they're not a one shot cure, especially as far North as Shetland, but they're certainly effective enough to make it worthwhile to use one. As a general rule the more powerful the better, and they're most effective within the first hour you're awake. I bought this one last year, which I use all day in the office, and it's a really good size for sitting unobtrusively on my desk, and not blinding my co-workers too much: http://www.lumie.com/shop/products/Brightspark I've also had some
  2. I think some of not most KFC's are operated as franchises.
  3. When I was back home this summer I drove past it, and wondered if it was derelict.
  4. I've been watching Jericho a lot recently, nearly got to the end of the first season. It's not bad at all, even if there's a few blatant holes in the logic of it. The networks have just bowed to public demand for a new season too, after an initial cancellation.
  5. motorleague

    Best live band

    Its Sigur ros and Xavier Rudd. Spell much? Sigur Rós, if you want to be extra pedantic about it
  6. motorleague


    This is mint. Ever heard any Frogpocket?
  7. Most mainstream rap these days is just bragging about "bling and bitches", but there are some artists out there doing some really decent, intelligent stuff. I think I've posted these links before, but try Saul Williams or Atmosphere for starters.
  8. motorleague

    Best live band

    I've seen the Distillers twice, and they were both one of the best and worst bands I've ever seen live. First time was in the back room of a tiny, sweaty punk pub in Leeds. The stage was about a foot high (I was lying at Brody's feet for a good portion of the gig), no security, and they were absoultely blistering. Once of the best punk gigs I've ever been to. Saw them a year or two later at a far bigger venue after they'd gotten popular on MTV. Massive stage, the venue was full of 13 year old emo kids and their parents, and they were just going through the motions, completely lost their fire
  9. I'd say listen to the first album as a whole, or else try try Blind, Divine, and Got the Life to suggest three individual tracks.
  10. It think Korn's first album was one of the defining metal albums of the 90's, and was resonsible for influencing a lot of good, and a hell of a lot of bad things that followed (Munky has since publicly apologised for being responsible for Limp Bizkit). It was dark, edgy, lo-fi and aggressive. One of the soundtracks to my teenage years. Their third album has it's moments too, but overall they've written very little wrthy of their potential ever since, and I think Jonathan Davis on the whole is a whinging, self pitying twat with very poor lyric writing skills. These days I wish the rest of the
  11. motorleague

    Best live band

    Machine Head, Down, Muse, Pitchshifter, Amen, Clutch, The Prodigy, Underworld, Pendulum, Nine Inch Nails, The Dropkick Murphys, VNV Nation, The Levellers. Metallica, although I'm not the world's biggest fan on record, can put on a damn good live show. I can go on...
  12. Eh? Offensive? Do you mean pro-active? Probably a freudian slip
  13. I once saw Type O Negative play the same chord for an hour and a half once. Only gig I've ever walked out of before the end. The Deftones and Killswitch Engage are both surprisingly boring live as well.
  14. Saul William's previous, self titled album is absolutely mint. in particular is a wicked track. I saw him supporting Nine Inch Nails a couple of years back, It was Nail's first proper UK tour in about 5 years, and the crowd were pretty much there to see the headliners and screw the support, so it was amazing to see a rapper and a guy on decks totally win over a crowd of die-hard Metalheads and Goths. It's also good to hear a rapper with something a bit more intelligent to say than the usual "Business, bling and bitches" crap that infests the charts. I've got the new album, but I haven't
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