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  1. Maybe some customer service wouldn't go a miss. That may help. Or it would be nice at least.
  2. The institute and some of the old school are Council offices. They had to put in toilets and that for them. Lovely view.
  3. Cop in shetland don't need the tazer. Pubs should be more responsible and stop selling booze to pissed folk. But they don't. Money money. So how many cops have been injured? Would tazers have saved them. I doubt it. It's not needed and not wanted
  4. Hey looks like H.N.P. is on the move and there will be student accommodation instead. As planning permission was granted. I was walking by today and thought 80 one bedrooms. 80 students. Maybe 50 to 60 cars. Mmmm..... where will they be parked. There is a lot less space around there than at Viewforth. So where are they going to park? Just a thought.
  5. I like the idea of COPE. It's a shame that it's getting negative posts. Now has the original reason for it gone? Wondering if the participants are only there so the able body's get paid? Where is it should be the other way around.
  6. I was intrested to read about living lerwick and hearing it on radio shetland. I dont know what they do or ard trying to do. Inconsistent information betwern radio and paper, about thr amount of money they are hoping to get. It was never explained why business had to pay? I believe that wooden flower pot holders were given out. Ok but poor show. They are not even nice. It looks like the wood came off an old pallet. Yes this will really make people want to shop in awer. I know that people are trying to make it a better shopping experience. Good luck with that. One real problem is the poor customer service. Why would you want to shop where the staff are unhelpful, rude, cant be bothered or just ignore you? Im not saying all shops or all staff, well not all of the time. A simple smile when you come in, asking you if you need help. Thats 2 easy things that make shopping a better experience. I was in the craft materials shop in bolts. What a pressure to shop there, they demonstrate good customer service. So less crap plant boxes we need better customers service.
  7. Red fish it might be.. But you have to start somewhere This council is very unpopular.
  8. I got a fab CD for 50p massive attack Top show
  9. After the S.I.C. made lots off people redundant to reduce staffing levels. Save money after using consultants and consultations Bla Bla Bla. It now appears that due to there not being enough staff to run the services people are being taken back on to do there old jobs. This surly can't be true. Can it? What was the point in all the on carry. Paying folk off to just rehigher them. Could it be the council got it wrong again after spending god knows how much on redundancy payments and the rest. Poorly thought out yet again.
  10. I was at the viking the other day. What lovely new bus shelters they have made for wis. Totally useless. Unless there is a slight drizzle coming straight down or wind coming from behind. Which the big wall already provided protection. No seats in the shelter, they may be added yet. So its a half ass job. Open to the weather with no real shelter. Its well seeing that none of the councelers use busses. Its just not good enough. Not 1 bit. Just as well the wind don't blow fae da north. Or dose it?
  11. Sounds interesting the whole idea. I wonder what would happen if it was a yes vote? What would that mean. Could Shetland keep the GBH running. We could open up all the schools that have been shut. Get local skips back. Start paying for prescription's again. The cost of the boat might even stay the same. I'm maybe being sarcastic but if there is no money now then where will it come from? Debate is good. Change can be good.
  12. Oops not got the hang ow Dis. But what I was going to say its £2.60 fae DA Ness to DA Toon. So if you reduce hit by 10p then hit wid be 10p a mile. Therefore no complaints. Have a nice day. X
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