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  1. My intention of saying what I said was to point out te fact that the Police have better things to do with their time. I too have had this happen to a car that I had bought brand new six months previous. I tought I don't pay teh police to sort this out so I got onto my insurance company and they sorted it out. I am sure the police would rather search people for drugs, catch a drink driver or even use their time to patrol area's where they could prevent crime from happning. Just for the record I didn't do it and if yo don't believe me you can send the Police around to examine my Landrover (why not waste a bit more of their time).
  2. I believe Lerwick is about the only town in the Country that is currently without a bylaw covering this. The biggest power given to a Police Constable is discretion. I am sure we all know somebody that has been warned about committing minor Road Traffic offences. I am sure this will be no different.
  3. Hollian, From what you are saying the whole allocation system should be transparent. Would it therefor be possible to view particular alocations under the Freedom of Information Act. i.e could an aggrieved party establish how many points were given to a third party to secure a house that the third party was allocated.
  4. I am not interested in what happens to the individual. I was thinking more of what effect the individual would have on his/her family. i.e stealing money, selling family items, etc is this the type of thing that could occur as a result of a @Smack Head' being in the family home.
  5. I didnee it but if I had I would have gaffed. I mean a dent on a Nissan Micra and da Police were called. How about you get in touch with the Police and report some real crime like Drink Drivr's, Drug pusher's. I am sure the Police have better stuff to do as go to the Co-p car park for a baked bean can sized dent.
  6. Boy, Boy doo haes it aal rang. Dem Soothmoothers come here wae all da cash and drive da prices up by payin well o'er da odds. Den it maks wus inbred folk hae to gaen to Hjaltland for da hooses. But I must sae whit a fine bunch dey are in yonder if only a few o dem were single I could maybe shack up wae een. Atleast yon would solve me hoosing prablom.
  7. Sherlock, as a man in the know can you enlighten us as to what we can expect should a close member of our families turn to 'Smack'.
  8. I don't think I should withdraw my earlier comment. It is only as prejudice as those that frequently use the words 'Soothmoothers'. Fair is fair.
  9. When all else fails and you can't be bothered to sort out your own problems then you can always blame the Sooth Moother's. This is just another racist dig t the sooth people that are here to help the inbred folk survive.
  10. In relation to the article printed by the News of the World I think this appears to have come from the Shetland News Website. It would appear that theyhave played the police off against the Drugs worker's to get a good storey. Although there appears to be a heroine problem in Shetland it is to some extent kept in house. Surely the Shetland News website author's should be asked to evidence the rediculous remarks they have tarnished Shetland with.
  11. I think you will find that Hjaltland don't operate a waiting list. The houses that they allocate are rated on a points system. The more needy you are the more points you have. I feel that a one bedoom flat for a mother and baby is more than acceptable for the first six moths of a baby's life. In relation to current occupancy running out I am sure if you explain the circumstances to yor landlord they will try and give you an extension. I am also sure that you will get some support from the baby's father. Hjaltland as with the council only have a limited number of houses that they can let. Given the Planning departments recent block's on Hjatland's developments (Nederdale and Grantfield) I suggest that you lobby your local council member to grind down the powers of be. Lastly when you are up against a brick wall you can't complain where you are getting a house. As you said you are only wanting somewhere stable to bring up your child. There is plenty of housing in Mossank. There is alos a shop and good bus links to Brae (Doctor's) and even Lerwick.
  12. Sherlock, Any chance you cancondense your answer. This will allow you more time to hunt out the bad guys instead of sitting infront of your computer.
  13. Securicor with guns - they coudn't even transport prisoner's when they done that job. Lets get th cops on the street armes. Stop those little s***s from messing up the place on a Saturday.
  14. Just thoguht I would say what a wonderful job the Fire Brigade and the Police one in the wake of this Major Incident! It makes you fell safe knowing that they are there to look after us.
  15. No i didn't mean that (well yes I did). Anyway this decision maybe over ruled if taken to court, aftre a recent landmark case in England where an elderly lady overturned a compulsary purchase order for a road widening scheme.
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