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  1. Information Much activity today - looks like the Kalmar is on the move. She has been bounced around a lot these past couple of days and nights with the wind. Dont know where she is being moved to but assume it is the new pier out past Northlink where the Bibby Bergen was due to go and where the Sans Vitesse was. I felt so sorry for those on board
  2. Mine has been down definitely since Saturday morning but others in my area - Burnside, Staney Hill area of Lerwick & also a friend in Gulberwick reported it went down on Friday night. Its working fine in town.
  3. The Zebra is about to be moved to the Small Boat Harbour
  4. Had a lovely meal at the Shetland Hotel recently.
  5. Spoken by live chat to Vodafone and there is a problem in 4749 site, whatever that means, but engineers are working on it.
  6. I noticed that my Mobile reverted to SOS last night came on briefly for a while and is back to SOS. Anyone know what is going on?
  7. I see the Grand Mistral is a fair bit away but it seems there are a lot pf yachts passing Sumburgh Head - this will probably be the first yacht race.
  8. I see the Grand Mistral on her way from Norway to Invergordon
  9. Hand Made Fish Shop at Toll Clock - yummy fish.
  10. There is still a garden competition in Lerwick and I have a feeling that Vidlin and also Voe have competitions for best kept gardens too. Usually advertised in the Shetland Times. Voe has a large garden group and they have a sale each year in the hall. Best Kept Village sounds like a lovely thought. I know that business partcipate in the Tidy Scotland Business Awards which were changed to Shetland Awards last year. Dont suppose they will be continuing in the cutbacks.
  11. I usually plant my tatties around this week or next - depending on the weather. I plant in the ground and in bags using just organic tattie manure. I also use compost from my bin. I put fertilizer on the earth about a month ago and chicken pellets too. Hope this helps if you have not had a chance to get seaweed.
  12. I did wonder how long it would be after the School was built before there would be high fences around the loch to stop the children falling in!
  13. Yes slow and often cannot find the Internet - all lights on BT box fine. Had to close down and reboot quite a lot over the past 2 weeks or so. Last night was dire for a while. I heard it was a problem farther south at the weekend and could take a long time to fix!
  14. We had no connection from Tea Time Last night - did the usual switch off and on reset - tried several times throughout he evening and gave up!
  15. Weird, I can get on here - Facebook and a couple of local websites but cant get on the BBC - National Lottery etc
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