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  1. its not a case of getting PC plod off his backside its 'finding PC plod' they simply don't have the staff to police or enforce anything! I Agree people do and should drive to the conditions and a good sensible driver can safely navigate the esplanade safely at 30mph in the quiet hours of the night yet equally he/she would drive at 20mph if not less in the hight of the day unfortunately this requires 'common sense' an ability too many drivers (young AND old) don't have!
  2. What a pointless post as ever! My father moans about the same issues you do Lerwicklad but at least he has the excuse of being 65 and has the commen sence to admit it was just as bad when he was young and the antics they got up to in cars! He always advised me to learn from his mistakes without repeating them and I made my own which I'll pass on to my son! Young lads will be young lads! Now you can tar them with your judgmental brush and give them nothing to loose or you can view them as individuals with a specific hobby! Twitchers annoy me as they half pool off the road for a lesser spotted diving whatever! Cyclists, runners .... Dare I say it 'old 40mph drivers' all risk our safety and annoy me but there not 'my' roads there everyone's so live and let live!
  3. Great in theory Paulb but not everyone can afford new tyres! For this reason i wouldnt go down this road either but I would suggest carefully selected used tyres 'may' be safer than the bald illegal ones he may want to replace...
  4. not really but bet you'd find some if you went to a tyre centre and hocked? alot of tyres at the scrapyard too which they may sell
  5. did this on my cousins roof, took an AGE with a good pressure washer! as suggested it did work but left a rougher surface that would need sealed with something. i'd advise the bleach/Chlorous route personally then pressure wash off what's still there
  6. thanks for the above! it does seem to be working fine! it was quite smelly ie from the vent pipe up near the house but after I put the treatment in (a bio activator for a similar marine sewage system) it seems alot better! i'll keep an eye on it! cheers
  7. just bought a house built in 2006 and have no idea on the level/state of the septic tank? does anyone know who would empty it or any experiences of how often its done? I've treated it an it works well but thought I'd ask?
  8. http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/scotland hopefully might be of use
  9. its all a complete joke! Serco will tick a few boxes and win a few islanders by making 'improvements' but I fear these improvements will do only one thing and that's make the boats more profitable!! they have no interest in the needs or wants of islanders all they want is money!! it was a sad day we lost P&O and northlink had big shoes to fill that they've achieved in many respects (troubles being there sub standard vessels more than there staff) but we can all say good bye to that and hello to the corporate monster the government has given our lifeline service too...
  10. speaking from a marine background (merchant navy) my brief time at north link was the worst money i'd been on for my entire career, mariners are highly qualified professionals that take years and thousands of pounds of often self funding to gain certification, if serco arnt willing to pay them what there worth they'll leave or fight for more as there still a very desirable commodity in the job market... cant comment on hotel staff but i'm sure there not on superstar wages either... these strikes will affect me as it will us all and i'd love to see the scottish government put an end to them but i dont think theres a que of staff waiting in the wings
  11. Or da SIC buys a peerie tanker! ship wir ayn fuel! it'd certainly be da only ship in dere fleet dat paid fur itsell
  12. This is scandalous and any attempt to claim its non profit is quite simply lies!! I’m no mathematician (but I do work on oil tankers) although GB's sums just don’t seem to add up! does anyone know how often we received fuel in Shetland? Lets take the border heather for example (the smallest of the fuel carriers I believe i.e. the dearest per ltr using the assumption transport = more bulk more profit) she carries 3340m3 so 3.34 million litres... (Every m3 is 1000ltr) (We wont get into weights, temperatures and density’s for the argumentative amongst you... there always seems to be one on here!) So a cargo of today’s Aberdeen diesel is worth (3.34mx£1.429)=£4.77m and a cargo of today’s Shetland diesel is worth (3.34mx£1.529)=£5.12m now there’s £336'860 difference there nearly three hundred and thirty seven grand!! The charter rates for large specialised tankers in today’s market hover from 60-80 thousand a day so a small fuel coaster should be half that! Let’s say for argument sake its 33 odd grand were paying TEN TIMES the cost it takes to get it here an that’s assuming GB even pays Aberdeen forecourt prices which I severely doubt!! Even with weather delays and loading/discharging times and the return journey this is madness! I’m aware the boat carries petrol diesel and heating oil and never a full cargo of ‘one’ but I’m sick and tired for paying over the odds for everything! I’m quite happy to take my 'island hit' on the chin this is where i choose to live and where I’m from but this is taking the pi** Prices from http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2012/03/01/demands-for-inquiry-as-fuel-prices-in-shetland-remain-much-higher-than-in-other-island-groups http://www.whatgas.com/petrol-prices/index.html
  13. i'm with dratsy here! being shetlander and a qaulified seafarer who works around shetland and has served on the lerwick lifeboat etc i feel qualified to have an opinion (before someone starts!) You run the very real risk of puttin your own life and the life of the vet and the lives of emergency services going to sea without the experiance required. Going to sea in a boat this size alone is unadvisable regardless of experiance or 'licences' off course your sailing experiance will set you in good stead and the RYA and coastguard advice above is valid but they are mearly breaking the surface of what you would be required to know to navigate a vessel the size of the one pictured above in or around shetland waters. they are generally regarded as some of the most changable and dangerous seas in the world and although people talk of 'coastal' there on the edge of the north sea and the atlantic! by all means do not be put off the idea by me the sea can be a very enjoyable and fruitfull place to spend time but be under no illusion, its is unpredictable and deadly an has no mercy! please make any decision with great care and learn from the experianced prior to going it alone
  14. where abouts? maybe some witnesses?
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