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  1. As far as I'm aware, it comes up with the freight and delivered to tesco. Someone from tesco customer services will phone you to say it has been arrived and you pick it up from store.
  2. I have had a look at the maps and priority roads etc - on a Saturday, is it just priority 1 roads that are to be done?
  3. We have oil, had 3 deliveries this year, totalling well over 2000! saying that, it will last (hopefully) into next year - we have a 4 bedroom house and the the living area is still cold at night
  4. Mistake accepted - I can't recall seeing them - possibly the same door you go in? if thats the case does screen 2 only have the one exit, fire or not?
  5. I really hope you can give a rough preference of seating - I for one need to be at an aisle or very close. As a family though, we had to arrive at least 20 - 25 minutes before doors opened to get seated together and near the aisle. When doors opened, the queue was right down the stairs and into the foyer. Hope they have a system similar to the garrison. Am I mistaken, but was there no fire exits in either screen room? Overall we found the foyer dull and dirty - however the cinema experience inside the screen was just as good as - if not better - than cinemas south.
  6. We had to use gott kennels at short notice. The lass that took our dog was very friendly, our dog seemed to have a good holiday! I would use them again. There is someone on facebook classifieds pet section that has offered her home for pets and seems highly recommended, not sure her name? check that out or put a wanted there?
  7. Looking for a bit of gardening advice. What plants/veg/fruit is suitable for growing now in a greenhouse? Left it a bit late this year as moved home and was waiting to see what the garden had to offer. Ideally when ready to go outside (if they can't stay in greenhouse), they will be put out in containers and planters rather than directly into the ground. Thanks
  8. Glad its finally opening and ready to use - perfect timing for the school bairns going back to school.
  9. Any news when the mareel will be open? bairns are keen to see a film.
  10. Hi I'm sure there is a strand for this somewhere, but I can't find it. Is there any dog training classes in Shetland or trainers willing to assist with dogs/owners. We have a 1 year old dog who has come on leaps over the past year, is good with kids, toilet trained and very kind natured. However, we are having a few difficulties - he pulls on the lead (tried many techniques I've read up on), he barks at strangers and dogs to the extent that restricts where we can take him. He is a very excitable dog around visitors. Thanks for information in advance.
  11. We would certainly eat out for Xmas day - something different. They may find it difficult to get staff to work on the day though?
  12. Thankyou!!! I see that button, but charging battery up just now as there was only enough for demo!
  13. Hi I've just bought the Panasonic Lumix FZ48 Bridge camera. When testing it, I noticed that to take photos I can only "see" through the view finder and not the 3" screen? is this normal or a fault in the camera? I can view the pictures after taking on the screen, but when taking a shot the screen is black? I have a compact Lumix camera and this certainly doesn't happen. The place I bought it won't open till Monday, Thanks
  14. oh my .... I dont always buy the shetland times (possibly once a month if I'm lucky), but will keep that in mind for next year if the feeling takes us again for a meal over the holiday period. We instead phoned around various hotels and restaurants, all the ones we tried gave various dates for re-opening. We did call one of the Lerwick hotels who did inform us in the new year and assumed the information given referred to all in the group (error on my part) - that staff member may have made an error, may have misheard and meant no bookings available till new year as it was fairly close to Christmas we phoned. I am glad they are in fact open during the period.
  15. When we looked into it for Xmas 2010, the staff at the said locations said they were not reopening till the new year, therefore should this be untrue, then staff should give out the correct information. The nearly 2 week comment I made wasn't something I made up. I am glad you have pointed out their error.
  16. Maybe I am wrong, or not completely informed .... but arent the new reforms to "cap" benefits at £26k for those that are/could be able to work but dont because it is better financially for them to stay on benefits ... sort of an encouragement to go and work? even if it is part time.
  17. tojo


    Yes been about a year or so, stopped going for the smelly reason, will try it again as it was good food and child friendly + reasonable prices.
  18. tojo


    I've just found after going there for a roll and cuppa, we smell a greasy stench on our clothes after - saying that it may be different now, not been for a while. They did chips then as ordered chips n cheese for the kids.
  19. tojo


    Is the Harbour Cafe the one you come out stinking of chip fat after?
  20. £800 is within the region of a private rent 3 bedroom house in Lerwick so £800 for council is ridiculous.
  21. Report it to the council, I don't think you can sub-let a council property, it can be signed over to a new tenent at rental cost, but not sub-letted - then again I may be naive. However, I also believed if a property owned by the council that was left unoccupied to be taken back after 3 months - I know of a council property (in Lerwick) that has been unoccupied for at least 3 years (except when they rarely collect the mail). If what you say is true, then the situation needs to be addressed.
  22. I would like: An indoor play area suitable for primary kids, the only one available is for pre-school at clickimin. A toddler type group available at weekends, when my kids were smaller and I had to go back to work none was available as usually they are on during working hours - many working parents (and children of) miss out on these. A cinema that is at least open at weekends - guess that may be sorted when the mareel opens? another home furnishing shop to offer a good/wider range - current prices of furnishings is extremely high and lack of choice of wall coverings. But I guess I could use the internet? Don't want to go on about retail too much as I do love the way of life here, different from South - shame so many shops in town have closed - but thats an arguement that is frequently visited on these forums - maybe I wish for all shops in town open that offer what consumers want at reasonable prices (I don't mind paying a wee bit more for instant retail therapy just not paying over the odds). Leisure facilities open over the school holidays.
  23. The local school, nursery or playgroup may be thankful for them to add to their crafting supplies?
  24. We were planning that for Xmas 2010, however when we looked into it only the raba was open the hotels and other restaurants were all closed, not only on Christmas day, but for nearly 2 weeks over the holidays. Hope it may change, but thats how it was "last year".
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