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  1. I would be asking that if you are so concerned about wether you will be able to get to the Hospital fast from an outer island then you shouldn't be living on an outer island in the first place and you are obviously daft if you have not thought about this before moving to an outer island(If you thought about moving to a remote place in Alaska would you not consider that emergency services would not be able to get to you quickly?) Many people who live on outer islands do so because they like living in a remote area and an unspoilt area and do not want bridges and tunnels as that means more houses etc being built thus spoiling a natural haven for wildlife. One way of solving this is to modernise the ferries and so in the long game save money but as ever there never seems to be the finance to invest or maybe there is just not the foresight. https://electrek.co/2018/02/03/all-electric-ferry-cuts-emission-cost/
  2. Bridges in Shetland with the high winds here ye right And Tunnels are all fine and well if the rock structure is correct There are many who do not want tunnels as the outer island which they live on would then get built up and ruined by greedy money makers building houses ,flats etc to rent out so spoiling the landscape, peace and wildlife which people on those outer islands love and why they moved there in the first place. The wind turbines have made little impact on the amount of oil burned in the power stations because they are inefficient and this country just went along with them to comply with EU law of cutting down emissions but in comparison to wave generation they are a waste of time.
  3. Hello i would be more than happy to email you on day to day life here.
  4. sabre13


    It could be your satellite dish is out of alignment, the LNB needs replacing, the cable needs replacing due to a cut in the cable and water ingress. The only problems with a satellite signal in Shetland are as said above strong winds moving your satellite dish out of alignment and salt getting into LNB's giving them a less of a life span than in a area not so close to the sea e.g Edinburgh
  5. If you want to control vermin from eating crops you have to shoot them to keep there numbers down otherwise there numbers will grow and grow. The figures show that you are ten times more likely to be hit and kicked to death than to be shot with an air arm and there is a 58% more likely chance of being killed with a sharp instrument which can mean anything from a skewer, ice pick to a sword. It is wrong in any situation to tarnish people with the same brush because one person breaks the law. Read the statistics http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Publications/2011/12/14124940/6
  6. No, not a single person in Shetland has been affected by these gales in any way
  7. The whole thing is crazy and doesn't make sense according to percentages of deaths by air arms in comparison to kicking and punching, what are they going to do make us have licences for shoes next its far to far overboard. These people who are making the laws have no idea, they banned crossbows but you can still shoot with a .177? A 150lb draw strain crossbow is going to kill a bunny more humanely than a .177 air arm
  8. Consider getting a bus? Have you been on a bus with this wind speed? it gets buffeted all over the place often ending up partially on the verge and the doors blowing open. Any high sided vehicle is more susceptible to buffeting in high winds and with snow and ice it makes it even more dangerous.
  9. Often depends on where you live to your broadband speeds, obviously Lerwick is going to be ok but as you hit Gulberwick and Quarff the Broadband speed gets slower and is at dial up pace wether your with Bt or Talktalk isn't going to make any odds in such areas and satellite broadband is the only option then
  10. Do you and Ghostie live in the same area? unlinkedstudent
  11. Switching from one broadband service provider to the other is not going to make the slightest difference, Bt, PlusNet, Virgin, Talktalk and all the rest cannot provide a faster broadband speed for you as it is not the provider but the broadband cable which is the problem. The only way to work around this is to get satellite broadband and you will get a consistent speed of 20mb per second
  12. Video link is another option but go for the newer ones as the old ones are half the ghz so don't provide the quality. Yes you can use the Rf outlet on your sky box and run a coax cable to the childrens bedroom but it will be a Rf picture they receive not a better quality digital one.
  13. Phone islesat and find out, 400gb a month is a hell of alot are you 100% sure your using that much or just guessing? Try downloading a data usage meter or broadband usage meter and find out how much your using over a monthly period it might be alot less than you think and then you can make an exact calculation to what price plan you need to look at
  14. A friend of mine has tooway he says he can't fault it and if there is any issues its a quick fix as the guy who install's the dish and software lives in bigton and is more than happy to help ( islesat is his company name)
  15. Last time I read about the SIC looking for funding for tunnels they were told there simply wasnt the funding to do so because of the recession. Already there are six properties up for sale in Bressay because they knew that the ferry prices were going to increase which they have done so. House prices in Bressay are alot less than on shetland mainland, but if you have to cross over to Lerwick for your work five days a week at £12.50 a day it adds up to £250 a month, so you are having to pay a mortgage on top of a mortgage. There are not going to be as many islanders at this rate with the overhead costs and a recession on, so it isnt going to be worth spending an estimated basic capital cost of £26 million except to re-populate the island.Yes i agree that we do not know what the fuel prices are going to be in say 2020 but at the end of the day no one does ,they could fall again as far as anybody knows, its too far away and too unpredictabal for anyone to know. There are other benefactors such as how long the recession is going to last, the oil and gas companys are going to fare longterm in exploration, and the outcome of the European Union which at the moment is very unstable. Too much to even contemplate looking at possably spending over £230 million on tunnels and that only if the geology of the rock is right can it be done.
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