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  1. I have to agree. I just find it increasingly embarrassing, especially with our Scandinavian and Nordic neighbours looking on. The sad thing is this IS the sum of how we "celebrate" our Scandinavian heritage, the length and breadth of Shetland. What a shame we couldn't be more genuinely interested in our Nordic history. Perhaps if we were, Thorstein Egilsson wouldn't be standing in a galley but running around in a school playground with his friends Magnus, Sven, Thorvald, Thorbjorn and Kolbein......
  2. Thanks for your replies, yes, I checked today and JBT is the courier for Yodel. The tracking shows it zipped across from the Netherlands to the UK in one night(Tues afternoon > Wed morning). It then went quiet for two days(18/7/18) but I now see an update today at 15.27pm which says it's "in our sorting centre" then at 15.31pm it's "in transit".
  3. Ah, yes, it'll be the Yodel depot and I guess the next I'll know is when it's "out for delivery" with the local courier so there'll be nothing more until then. I did have something delivered by Yodel/JBT a year or two ago and it was pretty quick so hopefully it's still them.
  4. Can anybody tell me who the delivery company in Shetland is for Yodel, is it still JBT?. Apparently my package is "at your local depot" but the estimated delivery is the 24/7/18!. Thanks .
  5. Listening to Radio Shetland last night what Derek McKay was literally saying is, if Tavish Scott and Liam McArthur will come and bow before me in my office I'll give you ferry funding. Derek McKay has been told for 3 years that the ferries need more funding, he doesn't need Tavish and Liam "to come to my office" to tell him that so what he's doing is simply an egotistical power trip. He's playing politics. We have hit a new low in our relationship with Edinburgh and as the man said, "it just isn't funny anymore". Tavish was right, the SNP Scottish Government doesn't like Shetland and Orkney because we didn't vote for them. Sadly, the truth of those words is a lot, lot darker than how it's written on a website or said on a radio. And they're going to continue twisting the financial knife in the hope that we'll surrender and give them control of the ferries and also use up the oil reserves. I saw a comment on the Shetland News Facebook page which also hits the nail on the head "They are starving Councils of funding to bankrupt them and take them over as part of a strategy of centralisation". It's time for the SIC to open talks with London with the aim of Shetland becoming a Crown Dependency. Now.
  6. Yes, that might be "the Law" but real life is different!. Plus the fact, you may well clear your car windows before driving off but a heavy snow shower combined with road spray while driving may cover half of it again. The standard of the roads here is not the problem, it's the standard of the driving........
  7. Don't give them ideas!. Mind you, I could well believe that's half the reasoning with Shetland drivers.......... "I can see nobody, and nobody can see me but I'm saving my battery and dat's da main thing".......
  8. Cheers sludgegulper, I see I've mis-typed my third line which should read "t's about making yourself seen as much as seeing". Folk don't seem to understand that in snowy conditions your snow covered car(roof & bonnet) blends in with the snow covered surroundings. It's a shame the Police/SIC don't produce a winter/driving awareness leaflet with some photos and put it in The Shetland Times.
  9. Well, it's that time of year again it seems.......... Snowy showers, poor visibility and based on what I've witnessed 70% of vehicles driving without any lights on - even in the snow showers. I just can't fathom why winter after winter people don't grasp that it's about making yourself seen as much as being seen. Do folk not understand that someone waiting at a junction with a half snow/slush covered driver's window will see you coming better if you have your lights on?. Do folk not understand that when someone is sitting waiting to turn into a junction with the low winter sun in their eyes they will SEE YOU coming towards them if you have your lights on?. Infact, in many situations YOUR HEADLIGHTS might be the ONLY thing they see. Have you noticed that many Large Vehicle(bus, truck) drivers have their headlights on all the time?. That's because if you run into them you can't say you didn't see them.
  10. That was just for Shetland Boat Week. It's the main row of flag poles I'm talking about. They'll probably come out with some excuse the fourth pole is used for "temporary flags"
  11. I just want to be able to browse the library for enjoyment and a peerie, pokie image is of no use whatsoever. You can see detail on the screen size photo that you simply can't on the 3x3/4x4' photo. I agree wi Ghostrider - it's a shameful way to behave when the various collections were given in good faith for the pleasure of future generations. I know people who have film and photos that are gold dust and they have no intention of giving it to the Shetland Museum because of the present attitude/situation. In relation to the Norwegian flag being flown in recognition of wir historic ties and history, they should never need prodded to do it. And to think that Queen Sonja even played a part in the official opening of the museum.........
  12. As the man said, you couldn't make it up....... As a side note, I noticed the other day as I looked at the museum's four flag poles that they won't even acknowledge Shetland's historic connections with Norway and fly a Norwegian flag along with the others(Shetland, British, Scottish). It seems they'd rather have a bare pole. No "politics" there then..........
  13. Not for my car. It can quite happily travel over any of the new additions at 20mph without suffering any form of catastrophic failure. Or even a jolt or bang. Good for dee.......
  14. Contrary to what Twerto says(sorry Twerto) there are no less than four sets of speed bumps in the system. One set in Church Road and three out past the Bressay ferry towards the Viking Bus Station. They're an utter menace and cause cars to mount over them in 1st gear each time and take off again(more pollution). It doesn't matter how slowly you go over them it jolts and bangs your car. Once again I have to be honest and based on what I've witnessed with the busy tourist season(utter confusion between traffic & pedestrians) the whole area is now an accident waiting to happen.
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