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  1. Average premier league first team player salary £3.2m Average FTSE CEO salary £3.4m So not much difference except there are (by the definition) only 100 FTSE100 CEOs and there are over 500 Premier league players. I am a football fan and realise that players are paid what they are worth to their clubs but I would have furloughed the lot of them.
  2. I wonder if there is a precedence of this having been used in court in the context in which we are applying it. If a private individual has a for sale notice displayed in a single vehicle which is road taxed, insured, with MOT and is parked legally I do not see that this falls foul of this legislation. This is intended to apply to someone carrying on an unlicenced business (the clue is in the words street trading) and in my opinion any attempt to prosecute someone selling a single privately owned car would be thrown out by the judge.
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