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  1. Hi, yes the shop closed a week ago. I have lived in Firth for 23 years, I have always been happy here, both Leaside and Maidenfield are nice. Maidenfield houses are detached bungalows with a garage but the downside is that when you are sitting in your sofa you can only see sky as the windows are small. Leaside no7 is a 1 1/2 storey house it's an end of 3 can't remember how good the view is but its a nice enough bit. You are best coming and looking around. I agree your own transport is helpful as the post office is a bit of a walk further from Leaside, if the shop reopens Leaside has less of a distance to walk than Maidenfield. Hope your move goes well.
  2. I always try to check out hoax-slayer to see if these type of emails are true or not and if not i reply to the sender but never forward them
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