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  1. Best option may be JF Courier UK on face book, Joel has picked up frogs for me from Glasgow, not sure you'd get him to collect in England and take straight here but he could probably do it in Scotland depending on his work load, look him up and see how you get on, nice guy and great to deal with, can highly recommend him.
  2. Wid think you'd be ok in the mid brae inn, which is in Brae obviously!! Excellent grub served there too and very friendly folk, highly recommend them
  3. Yes, but one with TWO "p"'s in it.... Unless, of course, "da dialec" only uses one Da dialect can get awa wi a lot but doos right, MUPPET MUPPET MUPPET, noo dats better
  4. I tink we should aa chip in an buy him a new wardrobe so he can fit a sail, caa it a boat an fek off oot o here, i'm had enough o him tae be honest, ony problem wi him sailin oot o here is nae doubt he'll end up in trouble ageen an need da life boat tae come an rescue him ageen. He maybe his a valid point but da way he's geen aboot it is da wrang way, mupet, dats whit he is, a mupet.
  5. peerieivan


    Have you been to George Robertsons? Very well priced TVs and supporting local companys, i believe they are hard to beat on price, always helpfull with great advice in my opinion.
  6. Concrete boots an Sumburgh Head it is den :-)
  7. I ken, bit some dem behave mair lik animals dan kye an ewes, still think it's a no bad idea fir da liks o dem
  8. Joost borrow a Northwards cattle box an set it round da back o da police station
  9. George Robertsons at the hill head
  10. Joost imagine whit da motocross boys could build wi £2m, fine tae hae an indoor motocross stadium instead o anidder fitba pitch!!
  11. The jumping to conclusions thing is your opinion, I'm goin on whit folk dat have had first hand experience o dem have said. Threatening behaviour tae decent local folk is joost no on in my book. Sooner dir gone da better. I'll be lockin me doors aa da time till dir gone.
  12. I towt dy answer wis fine ower-weel, a fine sensible answer , I did say "no a very simple answer by maist contributors" some o da idder coments are a bit aff.
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