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  1. Ok, like I said, my house buying experience is very limited (private sale) so I'm not surprised that I'm wrong. Either way, I hope it all goes smoothly for Bluehorn.
  2. Have you spoken to your solicitor to explain what this actually means? I am not a lawyer - or solicitor - and I've only bought a house once so I have very limited experience of house buying, however you might want to check before you start to panic. I always thought that once an offer had been accepted then it was binding. Yes, they have set a closing date but I think they have to do that. The 'in principle' bit might just be giving them a bit of leeway to negotiate fixtures and fittings, date of entry etc? Anyway, I would get your solicitor to clarify this phrase for you before you start hitting the vodka
  3. Look on the bright side? At least we get 97%. Plus, it's very cloudy in Faroe so they won't see much benefit either.
  4. I'd also like to give a thumbs up to Fjarå. We went on the 15th December so I don't think it had been open long. The soup was delicious (and there was a sufficient amount) and the bacon and cheese bread was superb. It was completely packed out at lunch time but the wait time was really very short, the staff all very helpful and polite and the ambiance was very family friendly. The coffee is probably the best I've tasted in Shetland. In fact, we were so impressed we went back for dinner in the evening which was also excellent! I'm looking forward to going back as soon as possible.
  5. It is, indeed, a lovely venue. We've enjoyed a few afternoon viewings at the cinema. However, as rural residents we are unable to take our daughter to see The Hobbit - subtitled screening on the 15th, which is the only one of any use to her - for her birthday treat because we can no longer book a late enough ferry to get us home again. Film finishes at 2230 and the last ferry from Toft is 2255. 25 mins from Lerwick to Toft, is really not guaranteed to get you there in time. It's a shame and not the same as anywhere else in the UK. Having said all that, I'm not against Mareel at all- far from it. I just wish they could look at the bigger picture regarding access for all.
  6. Having an opinion about the Independence Referendum is fine. Posting the same thing on every topic you can find is spam. ETA: Thank you, Mods for removing the other posts so quickly!
  7. I'm not really sure myself, but I found this simple explanation. https://medium.com/p/73b4257ac833 Is it a con? I don't know.
  8. It's not "road tax" - it's Vehicle Excise Duty - and it doesn't go to the council directly, it goes to the Treasury. Roads are paid for by general and local taxes. Road Tax was abolished in 1937 so why is it taking so long to realise that it no longer exists? The tax we pay on our vehicles is based on emissions - it's more of a pollution tax.
  9. It would be really sad if the COPE pet shop closed. However, has your Auntie tried Harbro? Granted, it's not on the Street but it is a lot closer than the Scalloway vet.
  10. Probably. I was merely responding to the question if Yell had a landing strip - which it doesn't - and never has. I'm not sure why. I've been told it's because no one could agree where to site it but I don't know if that is true. If it is then you can change that "probably" to a "possibly"
  11. Is there a landing strip at Clickamin? . Does there need to be when there is a very adequate airport at Tingwall only a few miles away on a main road? I'm not sure what your point is here. However, I believe there is a helipad at Clickamin while there is no dedicated landing place on Yell.
  12. There is no landing strip on Yell.
  13. The Shetland Museum is excellent - both for service and food, although it can get busy at lunch time. Best coffee in Shetland - Cafe Consulate - no one makes coffee like Hilary!
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