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  1. Anybody ken the crack with the driving range, spent 30 quid on a digi card and every time I go over the last 3 weeks it is out of order. Are they scamming.
  2. Your gonna be old and infirm someday, hopefully bad karma gets you first. I say spend on the old ones, they are who made us ,unfortunately seems to have made a lot of us into money grabbing materialistic c**ts that dinna give two hoots about anybody else but ourselves.
  3. You dinna live here. Question. why is Shetland not to your liking.
  4. no you have nothing to prove (other than you have an ounce of sense in your head) look at the graphs logically and tell me they are genuine.
  5. SSE are well known for lying, not seen the news about conning the public. Please show me where this huge amount of renewable output is coming from . Don't be so silly Peat, wake up and smell the coffee. Please contact SSE and get them to verify the claims.
  6. What total pish , Peat please do not show how stupid you are and believe this nonsense. Orkney never demands over 15 Mw(yeah right). That just shows how the green brigade throw out lies and the public believe it.
  7. You are an idiot ,get real and live within your means without hand-outs.
  8. You waffle again Peat, I will get to my point .If you are reliant on the state then take what you get and be thankful for it without thinking you are entitled to more just because you exist. If you are self reliant then enjoy the fruits of your labours.
  9. Pete read the post where did I say they did not work, I said did not pay tax.
  10. Pete read the post where did I say they did not work, I said did not pay tax.
  11. peat are you a lawyer cause I canna understand a word you say. Would be nice if you just got to the point, and then folk might read your posts instead of going "o its him again" and moving on to the next one
  12. Why is this being called a bedroom tax as most people claiming are not paying tax, should be called sticking two fingers up at hard working people because I don't do work and I know how to work the system reclaim tax.
  13. I am possibly off topic here but in the banking sector they totally discriminate against the people that have a decent income but do not want credit and pay high rents thus reducing their ability to save for a mortgage. I do not want credit but I do spend my money, that said I live within my means. I do not save very much because I have high rent so the only money I put away is for my pension. Now to get a mortgage I have been advised (I will not get one) unless I have a credit history, i.e. borrowed money and paid it back. Now I do not want(or need) to borrow money and pay someone for the privilege. Now to get a mortgage I have to save nearly 45 grand, borrow money and show I can pay it back. So banks think I am a bad bet although I have not one missed or late rent payment in over 10 years and also no negative bank statements over the same time (I could go back further but would need to hunt for paperwork). I think we should go back to the old fashioned scheme of your bank manager sussing you out and awarding you a loan/mortgage on how he assessed your ability to pay on rock solid information backed up by your landlord/employer etc. Not computers which can be fooled if you know how to work the credit system. In short what I am trying to say is now the banks have gone from being reckless to ultra conservative, there need to go back to the late 70s early 80s banking where your bank manager actually knew you and your ability to pay and get people like me out of the catch 22 rented sector and buying/building houses again. .
  14. How much, I would rather take the right money and save your change. Thank you
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