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    I always thought wind would be an issue.  Whether anyone chose to listen to me was a different matter!

    It's going to be interesting to see just what happens when folk are expected to put their paper and say cardboard rubbish out in winter during a gale; I have visions of a quantity of it blowing away as they open the wheelie bin lid, given that you're not permitted to put any recycling rubbish into bags but instead, straight into the wheelie bins.  Then there's the tiny matter of unclipping your wheelie bin and putting it 'out' (wherever 'out' might happen to be!) prior to 7.30am even if it isn't going to be collected until say noon or later that day.  'out' might well be at a location where it cannot be secured.  So you end up with an insecure wheelie bin that might or might not blow over, it's lid might or might not blow open and before you know it, you've got paper and cardboard blowing all over the place.  What are we meant to do, not go to work in order to keep a permanent eye (if your bungee cord hasn't blinded you, that is) on said wheelie bin between 7.30am and the collection time?

    i tried out the wheelie bin lid cord and almost got blinded when it snapped back and hit my head ...can see a compensation case in the near future 

  2. this is going to cost the council money like every hair brained scheme they come with ....i live at the end of a croft road ...i am an O A P with walking problems ..my wife is disabled ...are the council trucks going to come down my road for collection ...if not they will have to pay a home help to put bins to main road ....

  3. i am a bit concerned about the recycling project ....if i make a mistake in putting things in the wrong bin am i going to be FINED  for a simple mistake ...i am 77 years young and i have senior moments ...also will the bruck wagon come down my croft road to collect my bins ?  i am not able to drag them up the steep hill ...the S I C  and their blinkered wisdom has not thought the rural senario in the isles 


  4. yes Whalsay we will get our fishing grounds back but have you seen the small print where some countres will claim grandfather rights and london will agree to gain brownie points ...they no f a about fishing and care less 

  5. After an incident this year. I was just wondering whether any one else out there has had dealings with the police where the police have, how shall I put it, been less than honest. I know things I said to the police had bits added and removed to make me look worse. Also the witness who was with me had the same done to them too. Obviously I won't mention names or what the case was. Also I am not looking for sympathy or support merely an interest in others opinions. This has probably damaged my trust in the police beyond repair. I know I have not come forward with information, when the police were requesting help, since this happened to me. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience in Shetland.

    SO WHATS NEW    we live in a controll society 

  6. ^ Agreed, becoming an ex-Councillor via the ballot box is a fast track to permanent oblivion. Those who get too cosy and see it as a job for life would do well to remember that, nobody is ever to high to have the feet kicked right out under them.


    .We maybe can't force those that get elected to take the bull by the horns and put their house in order, but we can at least make sure those who "get with the program" and become part of the problem get a well aimed boot up the jackass.


    At least this time round there are a few aboard who are making encouraging noises about doing things differently, but whether they're enough to get past the passive majority who sit saying nowt for fear it will rock the boat, and manage to rattle the ruling elite, only time will tell.


    In some ways the near silent passive majority are the biggest problem these days, as they are preventing from happening through apparent indifference what the SIC needs to happen - a massive boat rocking session until only a crew of essential staff remain, and all the freeloading passengers are flung over the side to sink or swim for themselves.

    untill we get rid of the hanging angels we wil not have a free and independant vote in our Island affairs ...look at your history to see what happened to an Island 

  7. the biggest problem as far as i can see with the whitehouse isit was built by contractors whos heads belong to the goat club ...they want as much money as they can screw out of the project ...the sis membership are also mostly goat club members so us the gullible public will fill their banks ....we cant have a falling out of bretheren can we   tut tut ..power rules 

  8. the S I C ... Should think on their name  SIC  sick in thinking and action ..they were the reason for the demise of the street ...get someone with a real sense of judgement and prospect to plan the future for what could be a vibrant area 

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