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  1. hi where abouts is scottish fuels phone book says north ness also is it open sat am
  2. we also took over a po in 1998 didn't pay for it but i think the rules changed and i think it's a deposit against you running off with the funds i don't think the retiring postmaster gets it
  3. do what i do when a strange vehicle keep the reg no and colour of the vehicle or take a photo of it the chance of them getting off the isle would be very slim
  4. hi just wondering how do you pay for the services that council tax covers?is it quite a fair way? here the tax cover schools.transport,libraries.rubbish collections(not sure about fire services)road maintenance care homes etc. it might not be a great way of paying for these services but they have to be paid for some-how
  5. just been told stonecouple are on holiday just now(i buy their eggs)
  6. hi and welcome you'll find us a friendly (mostly)and helpful bunch
  7. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/bristol-businesses-queuing-join-local-051017286.html above link is safe basically bristol has decided to have it's own currency to help keep local money in bristol apparently several places in uk have started this could it work in shetland? maybe sic could look into it
  8. if one has read the shetland times it seems like the insidious creep of the police state at work as no other department has admitted putting out such notices
  9. last year hubby and i went from wales to southern ireland by stena line then northern ireland to scotland never got asked for photo id although when booking it was advised to have some-thing incase it was asked for
  10. you have 45 days to raise a dispute on ebay/paypal why not give the the seller the benefit of doubt that he made a genuine mistake and give it a week or so to see what happens before raising the dispute
  11. an ideal spot is the beach at heylor not far from you but be carefull of the terns as they are nesting at this time f year butifull little birds good hunting fiona
  12. another tdea Could try a length of black hosepipe on the ground. To the bird, it looks like a snake. But you need to move it around occasionally.
  13. one reply i got was for this ebay item number 280689457917 it's a kite of sorts that might scare gulls(and maybe duck)
  14. kidnapping a possibility but he might have babies that will starve any chance catching mum and babies and keeping them in shed till they are bigger by the way i've posted on another forum asking so will let you know if i get any ideas
  15. hubby says boil for 10-15mins any not open throw away after that you can eat or add different things(google for recipes)and put in oven
  16. send him my way i will show him some norse valkyries could get him converted
  17. http://www.scottishreview.net/KRoy284.shtml?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=269948-The+untold+story+behind+a+death+in+custody interesting article on the scottish review
  18. as far as i'm aware old computers,washing machines car batteries etc get sent south but don't know if we get paid or do the paying
  19. as far as i can see recycling by council defination is when in our control we will decide what to do with it most go to land fill and some they pay a person called 60 north a fee to recycle the rest recycling is an excuse to fleece the public of more council tax we need an independant body to control waste in a proper manner
  20. we should look at histoty for guidence in the past scotland has been brought to her knees by the engilsh every time she tried to go it alone
  21. how many people know the laws on flotsam and jetsam i would like the tourist board to specify that any material above the high water mark is the property of the salvor and should not be removed
  22. shetland did/has a freecycle web i've used it a while ago but since shetlink is a lot more popular there has been no posts on shetland freecycle for a couple of years
  23. when someone can give me an honest and complete breakdown of how oxfam money is managed i may support it but by what i have heard less than 10 pence in the pound goes to the needy the rest is absorbed in corporate greed
  24. Time will tell - we have to give them a chance. i agree
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